700,000 apps now available in Google’s Play Store, same as iTunes!

by: Gary SimsOctober 30, 2012

Was there a time when you were a bit envious of iTunes because of the huge number of apps available for iOS devices? Did the words “there’s an app for that’ set your teeth on edge? Well no more. Google has announced that there are now around 700,000 apps available to download from the Play Store. This now means that Google can boast it matches Apple, who recently also stated that its iTunes Store has more than 700,000 apps.

Apps make up part of the eco-system which serve mobile devices, both those made by Apple and those powered by Google’s Android operating system. Often when choosing between one system or the other, consumers look at the eco-system, which also includes music, films, tv shows and books, to decide if they will buy an iOS or Android powered device.

By attracting software developers to Android, Google is trying to make Apple devices seem less unique and less desirable as the same apps are available for both platforms. Considering the premium price of Apple products this tactic is working as the two companies battle over market share in the $219 billion smartphone industry. In the Android world, Google works with its partners like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC to actually make the devices, while Google itself concentrates on the OS and the surrounding eco-system.

There are also huge benefits for the app developers. In the last five years, Google and Apple have paid out billions of dollars to app developers, money which has been generated from app sales, from in-app purchases or from advertising.

  • RarestName

    There are more of tweaks than apps, which is sort of a good thing.

  • anoop

    How many of them are spams?

    • Don’t know, but I guess the number of spam apps in iTunes and in Play is similar.

  • kunta

    partners like Samsung, LG, Song and HTC

    Did you mean Sony ;-)

  • Alex13809

    In the second paragraph I think you meant more desirable, not less. And pure numbers don’t mean much when many apps, on both platforms are either garbage or have never been download.

    • No, I think I am right, Google is trying to make Apple devices seem less desirable.

  • Google said 675,000 apps and games, not 700,000.

    • I did say “around 700,000 apps” :-)

  • HellG

    “Google works with its partners like Samsung, LG, Song and HTC to actually make the devices” song? i think you mean Sony :)

    • Well spotted, fixed!

      • HellG

        you are more than welcome, i always enjoy reading your articles :)

  • aholsteinson

    Where things really need to improve is when it comes to tablet optimized apps. That’s where Android is lacking vs iOS.

  • The problem is how do you search for the apps you actually want to pay for? It is quite time consuming.

  • some guy

    I don’t know why companies brag about how many apps they have when 3/4 of the apps in their app store are worthless span out stupid games

  • mothaluva

    sideloading FTW!

  • Henry

    Apple App Store contains real, reliable, and usable app, Google Play contains buggy and unusable apps.