7 Tablets in 7 Days International Giveaway is now over – Congratulations to all winners!

November 28, 2013


    It’s with great pleasure that we get to announce an amazing giveaway sponsored by the good folks over at Opera Browser. We are giving away seven fabulous Android tablets in seven short days! Opera has just released an update to their browser which now has a new tablet UI, and they’re keen to have you check it out.

    Opera Browser for Android

    Opera has spent 2013 revamping their entire mobile browser interface. Earlier this year, we reviewed all the big changes to Opera Browser. With their latest big update, there is now a brand new Opera tablet UI that optimizes the look and feel for tablets. If you’d rather watch than read, check out the video below or read our written review.

    Giveaway Schedule/Winners

    We will select the winner at 11:59PM on each day. The winner is selected at random using the RaffleCopter software.

    How to enter the giveaway

    It really doesn’t get any easier than this, folks. All you have to do is enter your information in the RaffleCopter widget below. From there, you only need to enter once and you will be in the running for the draw each day! And the odds of winning something will be very good.

    You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

    • (3) tickets to download Opera Browser
    • (1) ticket to like the Opera Facebook Page
    • (1) ticket if you follow Opera on Twitter
    • (10) bonus tickets available if you refer friends to enter the contest. After completing your entry you will be given a unique URL that you can share on your social networks. If someone enters the giveaway via your link you will earn a ticket with a maximum of 10 bonus tickets.

    Join the giveaway

    The giveaway is now closed, thank you for everyone who entered the giveaway and congratulations to all the winners.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway and is open to everyone worldwide.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for any duties or taxes that you may incur.
    • You must be age of majority in your resident Country
    • Only 1 entry per person, winners will be verified.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
    • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority

    Good luck guys!


    • Leonard Wong

      How do you guys know whether the person download the browser or not?

    • http://facebook.com/itsrenceee Clarence

      Got my eyes on N7 2013 since last time. I hope I win this time. Goodluck to everyone. :)

    • James McAlistair

      Thank you Android Authority for always doing international giveaways!! The Note 10.1 shall be mine! Good luck everyone !!!

      • MasterMuffin

        Aaand no it shall not :P

        • Oscar Alejandro Miranda Trejo

          You shall not pass !!!!!!!!

      • Brock Smash

        Aaand its gone!

        • Tyler Hampson

          Aaand there’s another one!

          • nasa akbar

            Anaand thats gone too….

            • http://www.taqana.com/ Amassine Omar

              Aaaaad anther one…

            • Jesus

              aaaand another one (lets see how long we can chain this)

            • Rodrigo Freitas


            • isaac the amazing


            • Formhault

              fglhfakgfkahxfa oh the joke is over already

            • Jesus


            • Rodrigo Freitas

              Portugueses ;)

            • rocket1

              aand this one too!!

          • stellar

            and its gone (again)..

            • Ahmed Khan

              and thats another one -.-

            • nasa akbar

              Annnndddd its gone again

        • Gopal Bhaire

          Aaand the last one :)

          • Sabrina

            Aaaanddd it starts again .. =.=”

    • Hasithdis

      me me me !!!!!!!!

    • Sarthak

      how to chk our points count?

    • Bone

      Most excellent, never owned a tablet before, may be my luck day next week!

      • kishore avd

        All the best for all my competitors!!!

    • Manmeet Singh

      This time choose me please!!!

    • Dambu Marius Iulian

      Nice giveaways AndroidAuthority

    • Nef584

      I would be happy with any one of them…

    • Raj Sekhar

      Thanks for the giveaways..Please give me any one of them

    • vighnesh kadam

      never owned a tablet ..just want the nexus 7 2013 ….take the rest … :P

      • spade

        Same here mate! :P

    • kishore avd

      Best of luck guys

    • anouar el m

      hope i win one goodluck all

    • http://bostongreekgeek.com/ bostongreekgeek

      Always with a try although I’ve never won one of these

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      Good luck guys! Let the show begin.

    • Avnish Raghoonundun

      My god, this is the greatest giveaway any channel on youtube has ever done!

    • فارس الغامدي

      I wish to win N7 (2013) i love it !!!

    • Billyjoe Jarvis

      Thanks android authority for all your reviews and youtube content, hope I win this as I have never had a tablet and loving opera on my nexus 4 !!!

    • Motaz Alqaqa

      Good luck, people! :D

    • Jay T

      I hope i win any of those

    • Munchic Pham

      Why not Google Glass? :(

      • Joss7088

        that is something that is still in development.

    • Jamal

      Always with the cool giveaways! Thanks Android Authority!

    • MasterMuffin

      7 giveaways!? IF I DON’T WIN I’M GOING TO… Whatever the chances are still too low :D/D:

    • Sascha Krause

      Good luck to everyone

    • Suman Sresta

      pick me

    • ailwyn jann c. pojol

      I hope I win this time….

    • darren

      Got to love them: )

    • Yani Krystev

      I hope I’ll win the Sony’s or Nexus 10, well or any of this 7 tablets actually. I’m so happy this time there is no requirement to download an app for android and it’s only optional. I use Opera Mobile and Mini (but mostly Mobile) on my only phone – Nokia 5800.

    • Jiun

      I wish i won just 1 any of those :)

    • Joonas Mattias Laur

      I hope I win ^^ if not then I guess its finaly time to buy a tablet :D Thanks Android Authority for doing these international giveaways!

    • Vichea Tes

      I really love the Note family. .especially this Note 10.1 2014 . edition. Be mine pls.

    • Parakram Basnet

      You guys are the best when it comes to making your existing fans happy and always giving a warm welcome to every new fan..thanks Android Authority and opera for this amazing giveaway..Best of luck everyone ^_^

    • Paul Schrank

      Good luck! :) I hope I win one of these :P

    • pm

      Thanks for making it international!

    • Elmin

      Good luck to everyone!

    • Nevzat Akkaya

      viva international giveaways!

    • Adithya

      Never won anything in a lucky draw before… but 7 is my lucky number and it will be a miracle if i win atleast 1 this time. All the best to others and thank you android authority your upto date reviews on all the gadgets.

    • Harpreet

      Good luck everyone

    • AdaDuku

      Awesomeness! Thanks for making this available to open world!

    • M Wong

      Note 10.1 @.@=

    • Anthony Evans

      just want to win need a new tablet :(

    • Eighn

      This is the best! :D

    • Osama

      I hope I win the first one

    • Mou Moutasem

      would love to have it
      goodluck to everyone

    • Alex Fischer

      Thanks for the giveaway Android Authority !
      And good luck everyone :)

    • Peter Blanco

      I do not approve of these giveaways involving downloading third party software, come on AA.

      • T.J.

        Who do you think is paying for all the devices in these giveaways? A sponsor is giving them in exchange for an app download. If you don’t like it, don’t enter.

    • DannyDPX

      Good luck everyone!

    • sai ruidera

      wohoooO! good luck all!

    • Carlton Madden

      Do we have to come back and enter every day or are we automatically entered for all seven days?

      • Ibrahem

        you don’t have to come every day you just need to enter one time for all the giveaway :)

    • Krishan Kant Mittal

      Thanks Android Authority . . . Awesome Giveaways :) <3

    • Oscar Wong

      THx and good luck

    • GoSu2KL

      good luck for everyone ! :)

    • Angelo Allegra

      Woot! Just entered this!
      Opera really seems to have upped the game on tablet format! Very well done!

    • Micky Rastogi

      U guys are the BEST!! CHEERS to Android Authority TEAM!! All the best everyone (Y)….

    • venkat Raghava

      Never experienced a tablet
      Want one desperately
      All d best everyone

    • Phillip DeVore

      I could stand to associate the day of my birth with winning a Note 10.1 instead of the Kennedy assassination.


      wow…7 giveaways..again woowww

    • hitesh

      you guys are crazzy 7 devices that to all are best of the market!!!!

    • Samantha Mclean

      Thanks a million for this awesome international giveaway!!! I hope I win the nexus 7 2013 tablet… Thou either one is good!!!

    • John Conatser

      Id take any of them to be honest:)

    • Arungoud

      No luck for India every time !! lets see this time what gonna happen !!

    • Hussain AlAwadh

      i hope to win the galaxy note 10.1 2014

    • Mohammed Muqeet

      I want to win…

    • ladida

      I hope i can get the Sony tablet anyways , good luck everyone and thank you android authority for making this giveaway :)

    • nasa akbar

      Android authority team this is soooo awesome guys… 7 winners in a week.. grand awesome I am a huge fan DAREK your reviews rock pal! Keep up the great work team!!

    • http://www.trommetter.com/log/ JasonTromm

      Sure would be nice to have a new tablet in my Christmas stocking!

    • Ninaad

      You are always so cool man

    • Santiago Moneta

      Thanks Guys… and grettings from Argentina.

    • Stephen Fox

      Awesome giveaway AA! I’m hoping for the 2013 Nexus or the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. Hoping I win my first tablet!

    • SVALC<3

      Great Choice For Your Giveaways!

    • বাবুনগরী

      All done :D

    • Jis Sy

      Goodluck to all of us!

    • jpcmoney

      Thanks Android Authority!! This is AN AWESOME giveaway! X-mas is coming early this year!!

    • http://www.taqana.com/ Amassine Omar

      hop to win of those Tablets :D

    • Avenson

      this time …. thiiisss tiiimmmme! Thanks AA!

    • Heitor Boa Morte

      I’m from Brazil and I didn’t never win a giveaway =( Hope this time I’ll.

    • undercoverduck

      I actually laughed really hard when reading this article. Opera has just revealed a new tablet UI, so now they want everybody to try it by giving away tablets. Tbh, this has got to be the first give-away with some sort of valid reason as to why they are holding such a contest.

    • simo2401

      Thanks #androidauthority for these giveaways. Hope to win one of them ( especially the galaxy note 10.1 2014 ). Good luck everyone ;)

    • Vaibhav Chaudhary

      Please this time i want one

    • Yasin Yardimci

      I don’t understand it completly but I give my best :)

    • Patrick Tanner

      Loooooooooooooove freebies!

    • Ismael Rodriguez

      Oh, this is sweet…especially seeing the Note 10.1 on the prize list. That’s the one tablet that I’d consider over a Nexus.

    • Blowntoaster

      can’t wait. let’s hope for a win this time. AA looking after it’s followers, as always.

    • Ciprian Badic

      I think the 2013 Nexus 7 is better for me.. just sayin’..

    • alex

      Thank you Android authority you guys have best program in YouTube I just watching everyday good job guys

    • Faheem Akram

      good luck to me and all of you !

    • Manjith Reddy

      International give away… Nice.. Hope its include asian countries like India.. Where I’m from… All the best to everyone.. Waiting to see at least one winner from India from the past all the give always from you.. But this time I hope…

      • Krai13

        they olny pick up ppl from uk and us… rarely other Europeans… no chance for Asians lol

        • hamza shazib

          even they pick from your town ,you are not having a one..LOL

          • Krai13

            oh.. they picked one from Philippines on sunday give away .. ummm so i am wrong thats good hopes for Asians lol im sure if they pic one from my town that’s going to be me bcoz ppl rarely know about android authority here so high hopes haha

            • Emmanuel

              Actually, they do not pick based on region, its a raffle draw. the whole system is random picking based. better luck next time. cheers

            • ats

              i think thts kinda racism … -_-

            • Krai13

              Oh really i thought they only pick their friends and families … -_- …

        • undercoverduck

          have you ever heard of probability calculations?
          this site was designed, written, and is accessed mostly by native english speakers, which basically means mainly americans and british people, yeah.

          half the freaking time this site’s all about at&t and verizon and what not that nobody outside of the us gives the least of a shit about, so, really, it makes sense that most winners are picked within america, but it’s not because “they” only pick these people, it’s because freaking 99.5% of the visitors, and thereby contest entries, are american.

          some people really need to learn to think sensibly before they open their mouth.

          • Krai13

            OH.. look who is here… “Mister nice guy” hahaha… guess what android authority is not going to read your msg. and select you for next give away.. so shut your mouth dude!!! i know how it works, u dont have to teach me dude!!! and FYI i can say whatever i want, keep your sense to yourself…. i dont want ur sense to control my thoughts and jokes… idiot ….
            P.S : some people really need to learn to take other’s view and thoughts not so seriously and mind their own business before giving their idiot sensibly theory on other’s moods and jokes!!!!!

            • undercoverduck

              Ok if you really think I am thus pathetic and stupid to think that there’s even a slight chance they might pick me over the others because of a message like this, then please reconsider your life choices. I posted that comment in the hope to somehow raise awareness, as I’m getting quite sick of all the complaints about every winner being picked within America. That means that, in contrast to how you’re obviously receiving my comment, I was not trying to insult you. Cursing is just the way I freaking talk. Besides that, though, why on earth were you thinking I was trying to “control your thoughts”? Do I, in any way, seem to force you to believe or do something? I don’t think so. Also, by saying “I can say whatever I want” you’re practically annihilating any argument or sense of your very own comment. If you are eligible to say whatever you want, then so am I. If I don’t have the right to contradict your words, then neither do you.

              PS: please explain to me how something can be idiotic and sensible at the same time cause I’m hella confused

            • Krai13

              ha ha
              >First if you are getting sick of all the complaints about every winner being picked within America(I am not complaining (and guess what i have seen any american winners from the day i joined this giveaway) im making fun of that , and thats different (did you see the “lol” thing i wrote there in the comment? thats just for some crazy ppl like u, hopping that they wont take my comment seriously and knows that i am making fun) which u didnt notice. )
              > and if you want to know how something can be idiotic and sensible at the same time here is my explanation ha ha :D … the things you wrote was sensible for you but for me that was idiotic so it was.. idiotic sensible view of urs lol… (its kind of confusing but hope u’ll get it)

              PS : i guess you are here from a long time so u might have got pissed by all the complaints about winners being picked within America and u havent won any … :D haha “if u cant control just read the article and ignore the comments” lol

              “peace :D and best of luck…”

            • undercoverduck

              I literally did not get half of what you were saying holy damn

              From what I did understand, though: yes, you might have been making a joke. Complaints, however, can often be disguised as a joke. That’s called sarcasm, irony or satire. And basically the root of the joke was, to you, a truth, which was all winners being American. From this “truth” and complaint you then went on further by making a joke.

              Also, I strongly believe that you made that whole fucking “sensible to you but idiotic to me”-bullshit up just now. It was a mistake on your part, but you just refuse to admit it.

              PS: I have absolutely no clue what on earth you were even trying to say in your ‘PS’

              PPS: Don’t try to bullshit me out of anything I just said. I studied semantics and the usage of languages (International Baccalaureate, English A, high level — Google it if you don’t believe me). I recognize the mentioned patterns when they are present.

            • Krai13

              What the fuck is wrong with you?????
              > check the android authority sunday giveaway winners of past 2-3 weeks and of this tablet giveaway winners, where the fuck do you see american winners????? havent seen any since i joined so how the fuck does this root to all winners being american????
              > Oh you studied ” semantics and the useage of languages” great, guess what I FUCKING DONT CARE.
              Its your first language and your studied to use it properly so what, i dont see any important in this to brag about!!!!
              english is my fifth language.
              > You are one perfect example why so many people hate americans. I hope one day we will meet and my friend that will be your last day on earth.
              Fuck you..

            • undercoverduck

              Haha, dude, English is not my native language. I’m freaking Dutch. English is my sixth freaking language, besides Latin, classical Greek, German, French and Dutch. But those are all mandatory in the Netherlands, so I cannot “brag” about that. Either way, I said that not to fucking brag or anything. I wanted to make clear I know what I was talking about. With that, I wanted to shut your pie-hole for once because I’m getting quite sick of this.

              Also, your COMMENT rooted to YOU believing all winners are american, not that it was a true fact. Just in case you did not have the brains to understand that.

              And you, my friend, are one perfect example of why I often detest the internet, cause you can’t say a freaking thing without butthurting somebody unintendantly. Seriously, why the fuck would you get so mad at such a small thing. I was not trying to offend you personally. I did nothing to purposely raise your anger, and still, you end up fucking threatening me? Listen up, buddy, I don’t know where you’re from, but I do know that death threats are punishable in a lot of countries, so be wary of what comes out of your mouth.

            • Krai13

              hhahaha i’ve never met any dutch like u dude!!! may be you are a fucked up dutch :D and now suddenly this became” such a small thing” for you haha and you blame me for getting mad, it was you who started this all. Its worthless arguing with ppl like you. My friend, it looks like you have been stuck in this giveaway for a long time and you are mentally sick by not wining. take a brk. Your act like a cunt so be more human. Lets just end this shit ok!!!!

            • Victor Czar

              Hey guys, can I just say that you guys are kinda making a fool of yourselves on the internet. I mean, grow up! Sheesh. And anyways, it may just be that more androidauthority.com users are in the country that wins the most often, so naturally they would win the most.

              And undercoverduck, haha awesome job, 6 languages! By all means, go brag about it! You’ve earned the right, mandatory or not. That is no easy feat my friend :D

            • Krai13

              Yeah but i dont get why this undercoverduck dude… says the argument root is winners being all from america… i’ve never seen UK inside america’s map!!! also havent seen any american winners since im here!!!!!
              and about bragging thing….he wants to, that’s why he keeps saying his study and other stuff in these comments… let him brag or lets say “bark” .

            • undercoverduck

              You truly have forgotten how to properly read and interpret, haven’t you? Seriously, after your last comment of three days ago I just sort of have given up on you.

            • krai13

              same thing goes to you as well … for your reply on my second comment. and what the fuck is wrong with my last comment (3 days ago).

              you said ” the root of the joke was, to you, a truth, which was all winners being American. From this “truth” and complaint you then went on further by making a joke.”

              how the fuck this is “truth”. (explain)

              if you say I didn’t understand your words n joke … i have to say u also miss understood mine.

              you are that kind of person who tries to change words to make your point right… even if it doesn’t make any sense.

            • undercoverduck

              im sorry i cant hear you over all the weed im about to smoke goodbye

            • undercoverduck

              im cRYingf laughter u tried t threaten me over the internet ur such a stupid assbutt oh my god

            • undercoverduck

              Team Free Will aww yiss!

      • MasterMuffin

        A guy from Philippines won the Xperia Z tablet

        • Johnny B Goode

          ….is there something for Bosnia & Herzegovina? :D

          • MasterMuffin


            • Johnny B Goode

              ehehhheeh…Come in Sarajevo :D

            • MasterMuffin

              Nah but that cevapcici sounds and looks really good, maybe I’ll try to do it myself someday :)

            • Johnny B Goode

              Cevapi in Sarajevo are made from Original Secret Recipe…hihihhi

            • MasterMuffin

              Maybe someday then! :D

            • Alex M.

              Philippine won the note 3 as well.

            • Johnny B Goode

              Be my Guest ;) You see this, some guy from Montenegro won Nexus 10 ehehhehe …I hope to win Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 :(

            • Ivan

              Taj sam.

      • http://www.mobilefun12.blogspot.com/ Abhishek Kumar Singh

        They never chose from here only uk and near by country

    • Omer

      i wish everyone to win good luck only god can decide who will win

    • Josue Daniel Vargas

      good luck for everyone!! espero ganar uno Dominican Republic here!!!


      OMG,Epic giveaway. Hope To Win.

    • lloydblaze

      Yeah even if they we’re giving away a thousand of these, i still have no chance of winning :(

      • Nancy Bell Fosler

        You have the same chance as everyone else. I’ve never won either, so quit whining like a baby!

        • nasa akbar

          Yup exactly! Let the rafelcopter decide lol! If we dont win doesn’t mean we r loosing either!! :)

    • Android Developer

      Is downloading the app , trying it , and then uninstalling it considered ok?

      • Joss7088

        I guess so, but better leave it a few days is no big deal

        • Android Developer

          ok then. thanks.

    • Groud Frank

      My favourite tech website! Even if I never win I hope you guys keep this up.

    • Frank Bales

      I’ve used Opera off & on for years. I’ve liked their mobile apps, but have stuck with Chrome. I downloaded this new one first day it was available, and have been using it since. It’s quick. I’m leaning toward making this my main browser.

    • Sander

      I hope i win, i love Android Authority

    • joep van as

      Damn i love th Nexus tablets . those tablets are tablets that i always wanted And they are very usefull for my study

      If i win i would be very happy

      PS i like The your video’s

    • Faiz Arsyad Wahab

      Damn those are a lot of tablet goodies… Fingers crossed and goodluck everyone!

    • iantrich

      I’ve got this one in the bag! I wished really hard and everything!

    • Subham

      Wanna win any of the one and thanks to Android Authority!

    • Rafael Passos Custodio

      Android Authority rocks! I live in Brasil and the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 2013 haven’t been to my country yet. I already have the Nexus 4 and 7 2012, but I want to get a Nexus 10 or 7 2013 sooooo bad! :D

      I’m kinda Nexus Freak! hahah!

      • Rafael Passos Custodio

        Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue! BRBR? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE!

    • Fahd Rahman

      Wow..it’s holiday season people

    • Eric Hayes

      I don’t want or need Opera on any of my devices.

      • T.J.

        Then don’t download it?

    • Edinson Esp


    • Marcos Berrutti

      Alright, let’s go for it.!!! I hope I get one of those.

    • http://twitter.com/Thickn31 Dee Adams

      And Happy Holidays to you and yours♥♡♥

    • vaibhav uprety

      plz plz plz i wanna win this time.give me nexus 7 or any of ur giveaway product.plz i will be highly thankful to u guys n will advertise and share your site n giveaways everywhere online n offline n to all my friends n relatives

    • armin jemelka

      Sick giveaway, keep it up!!

    • Anukool Nigam

      Thank you guys….. U r best in your business… And your giveaways r awesome

    • Kurosaki Marki

      Thank you very MUCH Android Authority for the ALL every COOL and AWSOME international giveaway every week. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT you guys! and GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!!! may the lucky one WIN.

    • Quinten123

      Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway :)

    • bhavin mistry

      You guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much… :)

    • Iskandar

      Lets Do It!

    • arabianNights112

      Give it to me (*_*)/

    • keiths

      Thanks guys!

    • Rajan Kumthekar

      My Favorite Tech website, You guys are just awesome!!

    • http://techrodd.webs.com/ Jento Pieters

      Awesome giveaway! ;)

    • Rushan

      Luck is in very far for me in every aspects and I know that I will never win anyone of this. Good luck guyz

    • Ifeelyoudude

      Can you tell me when does the first giveaway finish?


      hope this time i will win

    • luqman

      plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!! let it be me .just for once,,,i want a note 10.1 soooo badly!!!!

    • venky


    • Edgar Oliveira

      My son Nexus 7 is broken due to a bad drop.. I need a new one :(

    • Roydell

      Hope I win a Galaxy Note 10.1(2014). It’s great that you guys allow international participants.

    • Warren Clarmont

      Another great giveaway from AA! Rock on!

    • MonBehh


    • UA


    • JW Wong

      Thanks Android Authority for all the international giveaways. Appreciate it..
      Good Luck to everyone…:)

    • Hans Ethan

      android authority Thanks for the giveaway

    • Meny Beth Terry

      WOW Thank you AA :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.enrique.alvarez dalvarez

      Thank you very much Android Authority

    • Sirenjeevi Rao

      Awww..thank you for the giveaway… ^_^ Love Android Authority so much :*

    • 75seconds4

      Amazing!!!!!!!!!, Note 10.1 2014 shall be mine!!!!!!!!!11

      • cookie

        If you excuse me, i need it as i cant afford it myself and it would be a worthy upgrade from my 8.0 WE WANTSSS IT

    • Wandi Cute

      Hope to win this ^^

    • Imanuel Got Racks

      …The win is strong with this one

    • spade

      As usual, hope i win….. :/

    • Gollum


      • chris

        We wants it..bad grammar

        • Sunny Lee

          Wow, there’s actually someone who doesn’t get the Lord of the Rings Gollum reference? That’s pretty damn rare.

          • nasa akbar

            Lets play a game of riddles!! Shall we lol!

            • chris


        • MasterMuffin

          You had a terrible childhood

          • MadCowOnAStick


    • Juanjo

      Why on Chrome I can only enter the giveaway using my email and on Firefox I can login with Facebook ? On Chrome I can’t see the Facebook login button.

    • Eric Townsend

      Always fun to try!!

    • Lm Fao

      You rock, guys! Thx a lot. I had no luck with smartphones, but maybe this time will be the charm. ^_^

    • patt

      Thanks guys! Signed up. Hopefully I get lucky once in my life lol.

    • Swäpñïl Såmmÿ

      Ur d best guys on youtu YouTube … dt gves us info abt techs. .

    • abner gonzalez

      Thanks to all of android authority giveways and all the videos to watch and win prizes

    • grv424

      Thanks AA for this great gifts, Apple can’t beat that!!!

    • RB Shah

      gr8 tab… am gonna have it :D

    • eon


    • Oscar Navarro

      This is the website I go to when I want to know more about a device. I am loyal and by having giveaways like this, you are making sure I never leave. I hope I win the Samsung 10.1, thanks and I wish everyone good luck!

    • DiGrifter

      I’ve got a feeling I’m getting a new tablet! :-)

      *Fingers Crossed*

    • Jaskaran Dhillon

      Lets get started. Hope i win one tablet. Being entering giveaways for long. Haven’t won yet. I think i will be lucky this time

    • Lukas

      can you win multiple times or do you get logged out from the giveaway if you win something??

    • Joseph Hazeen

      TThanksformthe giveaway , GOOD LUCK ALL

    • Keshagen

      My first time entering this should be fun! Sending love from the Bahamas S/O #AndroidAuthority

    • Mishraz

      good luck everyone :)

    • ivn888


    • Gloria Anita

      Good luck everyone!!

    • Alex


    • Christian T

      good luck ;)

    • Jared Lara

      This is awesome android authority alwas has great giveaways. I just downloaded the app and it’s pretty impresive, i did not think that there could be a better browser than google crome. I would also love that galaxy note 10.1it would go well with my note 3!

    • tom

      I already have a nexus 7, so I would like anything else but that, probably the nexus 10 is what I want the most, because I’m not a big fan of the touchwiz on Samsung devices or whatever it is on Sony stuff, I like PURE stock android the most.

    • Enrico Cid

      Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dimitris Zafiris

      International giveaways! chances to win are more than slim but at least you don’t see that US only. ;) good going Android Authority.

    • tony pazo

      Hello hope I win I miss my tablet

    • Junaid Hussain

      i want to have one

    • colint3

      Hopefully I will be the first in New Zealand to win.

    • Pedro Fernandez Ruiz

      I hope to win :)

    • Kellen McDoodle

      I’ve never won anything like this before; Hope I win this atleast once!

    • James Scott

      I Hope I WIN so badly, I would love a new tablet

    • Abdel Aziz Farhi

      Good luck everyone :)

    • khalisa

      I just subscribed, always used to watch though. Im glad i got more interested. This is really cool. Nexus 2013 is mineee ppl

    • Dehaha1

      So many giveaways! Would love to win this one, or any of them really!

    • Gaurav M

      Awesome giveaway.. :-D

    • Johnny B Goode

      I hope I will win Samsung or Sony tablet ;) Thanks in advance…

    • Mike M

      Awsome giveaway hope to win.

    • alexis

      I got the galaxy tab because you guys said its good no problems in 3 months and im to geting to get a nexus 7 hopefully

    • Irfan

      Amazing giveaway! Thanks AA!

    • William

      Buena suerte chicos! good luck guys

    • Akmal Achmad

      Thank you for your hardwork to always give us international giveaways. I hope I can win this time…

    • Pericão

      Great giveaway

    • Gagan Mohal

      Amazing giveaway!

    • Mohd Danial

      Any tablet will do just fine for me. Send it over already. Muawahaha

    • Mohd Danial

      Although the chances of winning 1:X. Im gonna try. Wont kow if ya try. Heheh. Singaporean here, hopefully they send it over here Ameen.

    • Brent McDonald

      me gusta

    • Lewis O Connor

      Cool giveaway! Found out about it through YouTube.

    • Frank DeGregorio

      Thanks Android Authority! I really appreciate the chance to win.

    • TC Ali Osman Elmas

      Thanks for this giveaway.Good luck all.

    • Srinivas

      I want a tablet! Any one of those will do!! At least this time I gotta win!!!!

    • Romeo Bucur

      I would have given 7 samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 tablets away.. :)) no one in their right mind would ever refuze sunch a jewel.. :)

    • ankit lunia

      Thanks team. Every Sunday u are giving a chance to win big.

    • cookNice

      I would love this tablet

    • Cristhian Abouhadour

      Thanks to the guys of android authority and Opera for this great opportunity!!!

    • Osama Awad

      You guys rock !

    • ThinkPad

      Always with the cool giveaways! Thanks Android Authority!

    • Ala

      Good luck everyone

    • Qhairie Razzinee

      i hope i win it

    • hasifaiman

      god please select MALAYSIA ! We will be Expecting you Android Authority ! Malaysians are the minority here !

    • tainekingi

      Brilliant work guys really appreciate this giveaway even if I don’t win anything.

    • Manthan

      Thank you ANDROID AUTHORITY for organising such giveaways
      And ths tablet Z is mine!!!!!!!

    • Rustom John Ajose

      nexus 7!!

    • Kartikey Sharma

      can’t ask for more …. you rock android authority :)

    • Vincent Wong

      i hope i win

    • Nursultan Altynov

      Good Luck for Everyone!!! Thank you Android Authority and Opera!!!

    • Ica zee

      I want to win! You guys are the best!

    • Guest

      I want a nexus 7 or nexus 10!! I dont want note 10.1!!!!

    • Sparks Jr.

      Android authority you’re awesome….. Keep it up guys! ;) The nexus 5 or nexus 10 is mine!!!!!!! Hahahaha :D

    • Sparks Jr.

      Btw include Asian countries guys…. Like India, Malaysia, and many others….

    • Jose Garcia


    • Jan Rick

      You guys are way too generous! <3

    • Rishabh

      Hope doesn’t die.!

    • H5ire

      Good Luck to everyone.!!
      gonna nailed 1 tab.!! ;)

    • drew polumbus

      I’ve wanted this tablet for so long now, I want to become more advanced in digital art and I think this is the best device

    • Juan Carlos Cañón Mercado

      Thanks for the chance to win!

    • zhiminglaw

      I dam want xperia z :)

    • jena law

      wow that was cool like too have

    • tin

      my heart is beating as i keep refreshing, this would mean the world to me.

    • Froylan Guemez

      For all my Android needs. Android authority =)

    • Sam Monty


    • Rahul Radhakrishnan

      wow my favourite tablet of the lot … hope that i win this one fingers crossed :)

    • MPMaheshBabu

      Nexus 10 or Xperia Z tablet or nexus 7 anything @AA

    • Vladimir Lazarov

      who won the first day?

    • shmizan

      is there a winner for the first day?

    • Yash Naik

      You guys make awesome videos! Thank you so much for doing international giveaways( which not many youtubers do) (y)! kudos to team android authority *forthewin*

    • Dmitriy

      Thank you!!!

    • Miklós Tamás

      Good luck to all of you :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/anshsaxena007 Ankush Saxena

      Android Authority team you rocks
      u always update me :)

    • Malcolm Wang

      Good Luck, EVERYONE!

    • http://www.facebook.com/abdullah.naji1 Abdullah Naji

      Hope I win! My favorite website ever is AA! :D Love you guys for these opportunities <3 The Note 10.1 shall be mine! *fingers crossed*

    • http://www.facebook.com/abdullah.naji1 Abdullah Naji

      I don’t have a tablet, only an S3. Hope I win the new Note 10.1

    • http://futuretechideas.com/ Jason Goyette

      My first time visiting this site and it won’t be my last,Good luck to everyone on the giveaway, I too have entered

    • Marin

      Where will be declared the winners? Can somebody help.

      • Nancy Bell Fosler

        Did you not see the first winner? Backtrack to the beginning where you read how to enter. Winners will be listed & congratulated on that page.

    • Jordan Box’temo

      Haven’t owned a tablet before, I wish everyone good luck especially to my nest mate Kristof Kollar

    • Nitin Hassija

      Cheers to Android Authority Team, you guys are the best. Good luck everyone !!!

    • Miha Belimezov

      i will kill for any of these tablets.

      • Nancy Bell Fosler

        That’s a different approach! lol

        • SSDROiD

          He didn’t even say “I could kill”, he specifically stated “I will kill”. I assume NSA is listening closely to this conversation, hahaha.

    • Shreyas_M

      These people do an great job. I never win though! :P

    • Adie

      Nexus 7 2013 plz ^_^

      • MasterMuffin

        ANYTHING please :)

      • Nancy Bell Fosler

        Points for originality! :D

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!

    • Alex Joshua Garcia

      Gotta keep on joining these giveaways. Thanks AA!

    • Chris Koutroulis

      Will you be announcing a winner every day? Or all of them together in the end?

    • Bui Nguyen Quang Huy 002410

      good luck every one

    • Varun Bansal

      Sony Xperia Tablet Z Plz !!!!!
      Thanks opera & AA.

    • Adrien

      Amazing giveway thank you so much guys!!

    • D. B. Aygul

      oh yes please.

    • Mark Woodcock

      i dream of owning a tablet ! let it be my lucky day !!!

    • Bianca Neguleiu

      gimmie!!! :)))

    • Chris Dunwoody

      Where do you announce the winners at

    • George

      Thanks for giveaway.

    • ZAid niazi

      I entered, and i hope to win this.

    • Edwin Walker

      Entered. Except for the Android app downloading since I don’t yet have an Android device… you could change that, Android Authority.

      • Satish Kumar

        wish the same………..

    • Youssef Ahmed

      Hope to win Goodluck everyone

    • ihsan

      If i get any one of this beast,it would be awesome

    • Adil Rehman

      i wish i win plzz this one

      i try a lot times :/

      • Nancy Bell Fosler

        Don’t we all!! There are millions of people that enter contests/giveaways their ENTIRE LIVES and never win! You act like you are the only one! :

        • Adil Rehman

          most of the winners are from usa

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta

      10.1 please

    • keshav

      all the best everyone…and congratulations for the winner…:)

    • Plinky

      What an awsome giveaway! Ty AA and ty Opera!!

    • Marcus Lauar

      Nobody in Brazil still won that Giveaway. Please Guimme this chance =)))

    • Alen

      Thank you. This is awesome. Good luck all.

    • Bojan Tomic

      I neeeeed any of the Nexus ones…. *________*

    • Anfronie

      Good luck to all!!!

    • vighnesh kadam

      i wanna win ..i wanna win .i wanna win ….nexus 7 nexus 7 nexus 7

    • Mohammd Kh

      well I have been participating for 5 weeks in a row and I think it is early for me to win …. but you guys are my 1st stop if I want to see any new mobile phone … u guys rock

    • Michael Stark

      i want to win :)!

    • Hersh

      I really need a new tablet. Hook a brother up!

    • Faizan Jamil

      Good luck to everyone.

    • Safouane Boudakkou

      when will you announce the winner?

    • n8

      Good luck…!

    • Kyo


    • jannermix

      grats Stephen Porter

    • Pedro Nieto

      Love it

    • elchuby

      I would like seeing the winners posting a comment

    • Lucky_this_time

      I am using opera since I am on Android. I am impressed by its speed and data saving features. All the best!

    • Oscar Miranda

      Good luck!

    • Anoop CH

      I wish good luck to everyone.. Smile and wave..

    • jitu

      Me and mom are eagerly waiting to get are hands on our first tablet…we were planning for this christmas about it but Thank you OPERA and ANDROIDAUTHORITY who organise this …but Good luck to everyone whoever entered in this giveaway…
      But thanks OPERA and ANDROIDAUTHORITY…

      • mumusen

        Balls lifting

    • thartist

      Isn’t it kind of a paradox to wish good luck to everyone? :)

    • karan

      this time hoping a lot to win.

    • patt

      Meh I don’t think I will get lucky anyways.. congratz to first winner.

    • Rohan Patel

      I want it..awesome MSD 007

      Android everyday,,,,

    • Benjamin Ktorza

      awsome videos, awsome work, awsome giveaways. i hope ill win something, anything :)

    • jennychan

      no luck every time,lets hope that there’s miracle!

    • Brock Smash

      You guys are the best! Keep doing the good work and we shall be loyal

    • Thangcuoi

      Good luck Opera. Hope you get more people trying out Opera through this promotion.

    • Dwest1814

      Thanks for another great giveaway! Here’s hoping!

    • Yvena Roses

      want one … any tablets :)

    • Alexandana Theng

      To be honest, i don’t think i can win one because i noticed that most winners were from western countries or developed countries. Thank you Android Authority anyway

    • Kelvin Xin

      7 tablets, wondering if i even had a chance to win. Past winners are mostly from UK.

    • Stafin Duncan

      Can I just.. like… win? I’d really appreciate that.

      thanks in advance

    • hurric

      Good luck

    • Pratik Mishra

      Thanks AA for such good giveaways!

    • Gustavo Adrian Dojman

      Excellent!!! I love this giveaway!!!

    • fadzli ahmad

      Give it to me…

    • Carlon Best

      waiting to be a caribbean giveaway winner for any of their giveaways……)

    • jai

      Awesome giveaway

    • Gabriel Morales

      I want one!

    • daniel salinas

      i hope i win one

    • akash

      Awesome man !

    • Djhay

      C’mon Nexus 7! Land on my hands! :D

    • Jose Garcia


    • Manuel Dominique

      Thank for giving international fan the chance to participate and WIN :-)
      5 thumbs up

    • Falsus Vita

      Four chances to get a Nexus, this can’t get any better.

    • Khair sahari

      I hope i win because this is first time enter the international Giveaway :-)

    • nasa akbar

      Congratulations to Mr Stephan Porter , you r one luckey guy! (r u related to Harry the wizard lolol)

    • Anurag Waugh

      May the deserving win

    • ZAid niazi

      Thanks for an international giveaway

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!

    • Leonardo Petraglia

      very cool!!

    • vighnesh kadam

      Nexus 7 is all I want

    • Ahmed Farah

      I just hope i win haha…good luck btw keep it up android authority i wanna wake up to a new video/review everyday!

    • Stefan Marinescu

      good luck guys!

    • Syed Sofian Rabbani

      Wish I could win one! Thanks for the giveaway guys!!

    • http://www.androidauthority.com Derek Scott

      Another UK winner today! Congrats Sam Ankerd You are the winner of the Nexus 7 (2013)

      • Sam

        Thanks so much!!!!

    • Anton

      Well here we go again. Never won something here

    • Revanth

      UK!!! Is it only four them

    • ZAid niazi

      pls lemme win the xperia tab

    • BenGaisie

      I’ll die of happiness if i win any one of the tablets. God help me!

    • Paarth Desai

      awwww yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh….all things are mineeeeeee :D

    • carlos richardson

      would love to have this awesome tablet for when I travel iver the holidays!

    • Jake

      Why the duck all the winners are from UK

    • Zack

      why is it everyone in the U.K always win ?

    • Krai13

      guess u have to be from uk to win androidauthority giveaways… best of luck ppl frm uk…

    • nasa akbar

      Great nothing is more exiting than a week long giveaway with hope to win every day! Keep your hopes up android people… 6 among us are sure to win ..!! B+ :)

    • Krai13

      would love see winners from other countries like from africa, south asian, east asia , and so on.. then only there will be hope to win and to know that this is true international giveaway. ha ha :D

      • Emmanuel

        its a random picking software, and doesn’t select based on region. Also the high numbers of winners from the UK could be attributed to high number of entries by folks living in that region.

        Assuming 500 people entered in the UK compared to 50 from Asia and say 10 from Africa, the odds would be in UK’s favor for a possible winner.

        best luck to everyone

        • Krai13

          yeah im not saying it doesnt select winners from other countries .. i just what to see how much chance and possibility is there… :D
          anyways hopes are always high ha ha

    • Varun Dhasmana

      Hmmm……Its a bit strange that all the winners are from U.K

    • Varun Dhasmana

      They should Change the title to U.K giveaway :/

    • jfiosi

      Nice of Opera and AA to join forces. 5 in 5 days, pretty good deal.

      • allyson

        why is it everyone in the U.K always win ?

        • jfiosi

          Dear allyson, I do hope you are not assuming that I am from the UK. I am far away from the UK. In fact, any further and I would be swimming in an ocean (in which case I would not need any of these gadgets). Frankly, I hadn’t noticed that UK residents are always the winners. Perhaps the overwhelming majority of respondents are UK residents? Well anyway, I hope you win one of these! I will be cheering for you.

    • Amir

      UK again? This is MIG conspiracy!!!

    • Андрей Препияло

      Oh, please, give the note 10.1 to me! I need it to sketch!

    • Ramin

      U.K again !!!!!

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta

      I need a tablet please!!

    • Matthew ♚

      UK again? :(

    • Noyb Meow

      I wish one of these tablets will be mine . Good luck everyone!

    • Maximiliano Ortiz Ramirez

      I want to win any tablet please :(

    • JohnyNightcore

      al meu al meu al meu

    • jitu

      it would be nice android gift for the christmas for me. I hope that i could win this……but Good luck for all android fans…

    • jitu

      it would be nice android gift for the christmas for me. I hope that i could win this……but Good luck for all #Android fans and #Opera fans…

    • patt

      only UK ? eh..

    • Thomas

      Nexus 7 2013! Wanna wanna wanna!

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Thank you for doing interntional giveaway , I hope it includes NORTH africa such as morocco hihi …
      I hope i can win , this time ^^

    • R. Bijker

      That Sony Table shall be mine.

    • jitu

      Good luck to everyone…

    • jitu

      Good luck to everyone….for #Android fans and #Opera fans

    • Shreyas_M

      Only UK people win. :(

    • bruckwine

      Come on – give a poor lad a chance rafflecopter!

    • https://twitter.com/#!/ZayStylin Zay Stylin

      I’d love to win the Xperia Tablet Z. But I never win these sweeps no matter how many I try lol.

    • Jin

      Finally I can compete on this one !!!
      thank you AA

    • ggfb20

      Here’s to hoping I get selected to receive the Nexus 10. Best wishes to you all, and thanks to both Opera and Android Authority for such awesomeness.

    • Erusha Tiranagama

      Alright, this is the tablet I want, c’mon RaffleCopter, help a brother out.

    • Shravan Sivakumar

      will i ever win a giveaway XD

    • Symon Gamit

      Either the random.org guyzz are siding with the uk folks…or its the android authority guyzz…lol..im just kidding…really feeling jealous to see these awesome devices go…. :)

    • Chand Hamal Thakuri

      Yes i want to win!!

    • Jisu Hong

      I want XPERIA TABLET Z!

      or Nexus :)

    • http://twitter.com/Eva_Starz Eva

      i love opera browser!!!!! <3

      • Jon Johnson

        Me too. I switched from Dolphin Browser.

    • JJEM

      So many giveaways! Android Authority is the best! I hope I get one.

    • kulsoom fatima

      thanks … done all

    • Sirusho Follow me!

      i want to win…Im from Armenia

    • patt

      good luck.

    • Jarl

      the screen of my Note 10.1 just quit on me, so i really need this tablet

    • Omar Steele

      good luck to everyone and thanks to android authority for providing me with this opportunity

    • Aaron Boudreau

      International. Love android authority even though I feel I will never win at least I can see that winners are international indeed! Incredible giveaway.

      • Jon Johnson

        The fact that they give these away fills me with joy even if I don’t win. Someone somewhere becomes super happy, and that’s all I need.

        • Aaron Boudreau

          It’s very holiday spirit-y

          • Jon Johnson

            Yeah. I’m actually fixing up my old tablet and passing it down to my nephew. It’s only ICS, but he’ll love it.

    • DW Duck

      This the season of giving and your doing it right!

    • Qhairie Razzinee

      i hope i win it

    • Manish Menghani

      I hope I win this :) Thanks AA team for these giveaways! :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/abdullah.naji1 Abdullah Naji

      I hope I win!

    • http://www.tuttoandroid.net/ Riccardo Robecchi

      I’m just wondering: what if I use a different e-mail address for Facebook and for Google Play? How can they check if I downloaded the app?

    • Bianca Neguleiu

      hope i win! :D

    • Luciano

      hope never die

    • Drag4e

      Is this international giveaway or UK giveaway???

    • Nicolas Ricardo Enciso

      WHY ALL winners come from UK?

    • luminelx64

      I hope I win today!

    • Merci Angel

      lovely! and grats to those first winners!!!
      hope the Netherlands counts hihi. good luck all!!!

    • Wołodуmуr Koptaгenko

      time to lose another one, good luck guys.

    • Baldo Sanfilippo


    • Seth Forbus

      This tablet Z is my favorite offering out of all the tablets given away. Water resistant guys! :D

    • 4runnerJones

      I want! I want! I want!

    • Rodrigo Lozoya

      Awesome! I’ve always been a huge fan of Android Authority on Youtube and now I’m part of the giveaway with these simple tasks.

    • Flor

      Would be nice if I won c: I would give it to my boyfriend as a birthday gift <3

    • Jordan

      Wow 7 tablets in 7 days that’s so cool.

    • martin_64

      Awesome giveaways, hoping to win.

    • Jill Wind

      *** Cross ear it’d be me ***

    • Alawi

      What is the storage space for each of these tablets ?

    • Shellie


    • lindajefferson

      fab!! good luck everyone xxx

    • Dave

      Woops, hit the check button before I found out that opera is not compatible with my desire hd :-O :’( I shall be disqualified for now :)

    • louis collier

      i need a tablet for school purpose so i hope i can win the xperia z tablet giveaway

    • Marlon Salazar Granados

      The Sansum technology would not be the same without opetativo Android system is whether to thank google.


    • Daniel Franck

      thank you for the giveaway!!! I wish to win the samsung galaxy note 10.1!!

    • Kunal Jagad

      love u android authority…!!!

    • Sirusho Follow me!

      mmm i want to win galaxy note 10.1 but if u dont want to give me Note 10.1 u can give Sony Xperia Tablet Z (it’s ok) :D ;)

    • Faizan Jamil

      Huh two people from the U.K. won tablets consecutively. Seems legit

    • Sirusho Follow me!

      Good night…

    • Alfredo Torres

      Always UK…

    • Mark

      I want to win this time

    • Bodomx

      I never Win Something but… well.. Maybe Someday

    • Jeremy Cobble

      I wish i could win for a change it would be nice to have.

    • Andrew Daoud

      How do I know who won each day?

    • Omer

      This is bullshit only uk and USA people’s wins then why this fake international -_-

    • Nestor

      How do i know who wins

    • Yassine Toumdi

      CHANCES are weak but stil a nice effort from Androidauthority!!!keep up the good work

    • Bass

      Great Raffles guys!

    • Wilson D

      i never win

    • thomas


    • dunia ali

      Praying that I’ll win the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! I played with it at Best Buy and it’s just wonderful. Everything about it is lovely. And the stylus would come in handy with my love for drawing. I just couldn’t afford something like that, though. Good luck to everyone!

    • Jun Guan

      So much choices >.<

    • Raluca Buzoianu

      great giveaway :)

    • Andrea Lamont

      Thanks for the giveaways! Unfortunately facebook won’t let me like any more pages, and I don’t yet have an android device but would definitely download on my new tablet if I won :)

    • zhiminglaw

      Praying that I will win xperia tablet z

    • Marc justin Constantino

      1st winner from U.K. then 2nd is from U.K again. nice. hha. (PH here) ^^

    • Rogelyn Aquino

      i hope i win..

    • Hello_Its_Me

      I win

    • Roman Kudryavtsev


    • Eason_huang0807

      Good Sony Tablet~ Wish I can have one~

    • adrian strozier

      My fingers crossed for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. I’m a big fan of Sony devices :D

    • http://facebook.com/itsrenceee Clarence

      Even though I have no chance of winning, still hoping that the Nexus 7 will be mine. :)

    • Neil Coutinho

      Thank you Android Authority. Been using Opera for ages now. Great browser

    • DrCarpy

      Thanks guys!!!

    • KenanDarklord

      So bored at at home sitting at thes page and clicking refresh

    • Blowntoaster

      Google Nexus 10 or Note 10.1 2014…Thumbs n all fingers crossed….

    • http://www.khmer168.com/ Ratana Soth

      Thank you Android Authority for always doing international giveaways

    • Zhiming Law

      give me any tablet i want it but the most is XPERIA TABLET Z!!! give me!!

    • Zhiming Law

      y all U.K people get tablet aisa dont have

    • Carlos Romero

      good luck everyone ;)

    • Mark Brian

      want this! :)

    • Gopal Bhaire

      Actually Opera Browser is good but I still prefer Opera Mini even on my tab :) Simply Fast…

    • atul kumar

      How do we know that we won something????

      • Varun Dhasmana

        This page is updated everyday and also notify as an email to the winner

    • http://www.skiusainc.com/ Ehtesham Shaikh

      I love winning, I will put my all effort to win. Sorry everyone.

      • Max

        it’s the only one way to win anything. u don’t have to excuse about that^^

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!

    • Rabia Akhter

      Thanks for the giveaway <3

    • Bruno Coelho

      You guys are the best of the best!

    • http://gizmophiliacs.com/ kunalwanvari

      i never win.. yet i try .. wow ! much hope! so anticipate ! such giveaway ! wow

    • Poopinsnoop

      nexus 7 is mine to claim(if i win) good luck to you guys too!

    • Milo Mrtinz

      la quieroooooooooooooo

    • Hafiz Alias

      I wish I could win one of those..please..

    • Arvin Jhann

      Thanks a lot for giving us chances to win awesome gadgets Android Authority! God Bless you all guys.. :) Hope to win one of these.. :)

    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!
      i always enter in your giveaways hoping one day I will have some luck!
      G+:Helena Oops
      Crossed fingers!

    • Sirusho Follow me!

      i dont get more entries? why? my friends have entered this contest whit my link?

    • Amir

      If UK 3rd times in a row, London bridge is going down for real. Hahaha

    • Minol Chutra

      I was so craving for the Note 3 last week but nothing happened. Could this week be my lucky one?

      • Minol Chutra

        I forgot to mention that I’ve entered almost evey give away for like a year in a row and yet again never been lucky enough to win one. I so hope this is my week.

    • Francesco Sgnaolin

      I would give my nose for Nexus 10

    • bhans

      Android Authority!

    • Jan Moravec

      want to win ;o)

    • Jin

      wooo PH in the house ! note 3 then tablet Z

      • Kevin Antiquera Cosa

        Yeah! :) Keep on trying PH. :)

    • Sparks Jr.

      I want the nexus 10!!! :(

    • bruckwine

      Thanks for the chance. The only blog I know who do international giveaways!

    • lloydblaze

      Congrats Rodriguez R. Mabuhay ang Pilipino

    • Johnny B Goode

      I’m from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Today is our National Day :D I hope i will win any Tablet ;)

    • Apimanju Jeyaprakash

      where can u see who won?

    • Heitor Boa Morte


    • Malhar Ujawane

      Thanks so much guys :)

    • Aleksandar

      I do not aks for much, just nexus 10, but if i don’t get it its ok, i will still watch Android Authority m/. Big up guys. :)

    • Michael

      I will take one…

    • http://www.techniat.net/ Mahmoud Fawzi

      goooooooood does this widget named raffle copter fliters the middle east from the contest..i’ve entered loads of giveaways.. :(

    • nasa akbar

      Android Authority this giveaway is proving to be awesome! so much excitement throughout the week. Congratulations to the winner Mr Rodriguez R and the previous winners and the winners to be. May the force be with you ■-,■

    • ZAid niazi

      oh please, this time me, m from india

    • Erwin Wambangco

      Hopefully I’ll see my name tom

    • Chhunleng

      I think it shall be mine! Cambodia people never get this giveaway device. I hope it will be mine :)

    • Gerome Ocfemia Nebab

      hope to win.

    • EunHaeism ♥

      I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hope i can win this time !! especialy samsung Tab
      like srsly every single time i check … the winner is from UK or US or somewhere else !! I’m sure that Morocco exist On This planet !!!
      If its about the shipping fees or something else , than at least mention it , and stop giving people hope for nothing TT__TT

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Pleaaaaaaaaaaase Pick me !! my bday is comming soon , it would amazing if i win the samsung Tab !!!
      It would me alot to me !!

    • Jordan

      I hope i win for once even though the chances of that are very slim..

    • Nashit Hasan

      Thank you Android Authority for always doing international giveaways!! I hope I win samsung galaxy note 10.1

    • Aaron Boudreau

      70412 total Entries. Better chance of winning then any other contest I’ve ever entered. A 1 in 14,000 chance. Bloody brilliant! Come on AA pick a Canadian today, better yet pick this Canadian!

    • Jarl

      MyFirstNexus? :)

    • Sam Glxy

      Great contest !!!!!

    • BlackFisters

      i hope i win or some one in the europe

    • BlackFisters

      because i live in switzerland

    • Shahrukh Lalani

      Great giveaway thanks for doing this means so much to the community!

    • Ismael Marquez

      pick me! I want it so bad!

    • borche

      Lucky movember starts today :D

    • Bianca Neguleiu

      i really want to win one!

    • dunia ali

      Yay! So happy to see a winner from the Philippines! Congratulations!!! Now if I can just get my hands on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 :)

    • Vijay Singh Matta

      I wish I win one of these tablets and also thank you android authority for giving every one around the globe a chance to win a phone or tablets!!Keep it up…

    • Andrew

      Hopefully they can ship it to Somalia

    • Andrew Daoud

      Wait… Who won the experia tablet z?

    • Luciano

      good luck to everyone :)

    • Sherwin Anthony Tolentino

      Choose me for the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

    • Maria

      thank you… so easily to join this great competition!

    • tony solinan

      Maybe i can win this week,as i enter
      Every day so far,i get the newsletter of AA each day,anyway heres hoping!

    • tony solinan

      I would loved to have won the Galaxy
      Note3, well i will keep on trying to win
      Whatever the givaway is!

    • Craig Lawrence

      i entered late

    • tony solinan

      I am looking forward to Christmas to
      Spend a few days with other brother
      And Sisters and their sons and
      Daughters,and just enjoy the festive
      Holidays,anyway heres hoping i might win something!

    • Max

      Why the heck do yall write “good look everyone”? Fact is: you don’t give a damn about other people. Yall wite that just because maaaybe AA will read this comment and they think “ooh he/she’s so so nice to other people let’s give him/her this tab/phone” but forget it. Winners are picked by generator. ;)

      • SSDROiD

        That’s very true :P Luck doesn’t even play a part in it, it’s a scientific algorithm the software uses to determine the winner. For that same reason, if one person wins a competition five times in a row, most people will undoubtedly call it cheating, whereas it’s really the algorithm either making a mistake or being poorly coded. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    • Rifath

      only got 1 entry cuz i don’t even got a device to download Opera on… plus i don’t use twitter D:

    • Nisa Khan

      thanks for giveaway…..

    • Kirtesh Kuckian


    • shah rasool

      I hope I win coz I love nexus 10 awsome display

    • Fizzow

      Hopefully i’m gonna win this time

    • Argelo N.

      awesome prize. hope be mine :)

    • Neil Coutinho

      I have been using Opera for ages now. Love the new UI very Fast and smooth. Please pick me for the Galaxy Note. Really need a tablet like this . Thank you AA

    • Emmanuel

      the giveaways keep getting better by the day. great job AA

    • Bambang Hermanto

      I believe the winner for the Nexus 10 should have been announced? Hope it’s gonna be me =D

    • Gabriel Hwh

      Please I need one :)

    • zidane

      hope they’re also shipping to Indonesia, never win any kind giveaway because many don’t shipping to Indonesia

    • Faiq Siddiqui

      Hope I get one of these

    • radi

      finger crossed for cambodian!!!

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!

    • Brandon T

      When is the nexus 10 winner being announced?

    • http://twitter.com/Nigh7mar3 Nightmare

      Thanks Opera!

    • http://bookerlikeahooker.blogspot.com/ Cagla tasdemir

      Everyone in here who entered is boys… LOL I guess I’m only girl who entered. I hope I can win *finger crossed*

      • Sarah Hamid

        may be only two girls , ‘coz I entered too XD good luck

        • http://bookerlikeahooker.blogspot.com/ Cagla tasdemir

          I’m reliefed! Good luck you too girl!

    • iAjayIND

      hell …
      i made my two friends to join this giveaway via my special link,
      but i got no bonus entries… :(
      you guys cheated me.. :-/

    • MrDivaNYC

      WooHooo..Hope I win something.

    • Pedro

      Good luck!

    • Simos Katsiaris

      Please let it be my this time, anyone will do!

    • patt

      I lost faith in this I won’t win lol

    • Vaibhav Chaudhary

      Please just one, but i know i won’t

    • http://jimeagle.com James Eagle

      Nexus 10 please.

    • vighnesh kadam

      the bestest giveaway ive ever seen on the inernet so far ….but just one step to become the greatest ever …(gimme the nexus 7)

    • tony solinan

      Maybe I will have a chance to win this giveaway, anyway I will just keep
      On entering!

    • tony solinan

      AA is the best app for me as I use it everyday to keep up with what’s
      Happening in the tech world,I have AA on all my devices!

    • tony solinan

      I am a Googler and I like to know whats going on!

    • Imaginaerum

      I never win anything….

    • Navid Lancaster

      What about sending one to the Caribbean?

    • Acaa Aca

      anything will do!

    • http://gizmophiliacs.com/ kunalwanvari

      INDIA!!! For once INDIA!!! Please

    • Andreas Adam

      Mine… Or rather not. Good luck everyone

    • Alain Lafond

      Send this one up here… This one is mine…

    • N!c0l@

      Thanks Android Authority!

    • Shahir Shamim

      i really hope i get note or nexus 7

    • Sudeep Lohar

      nice work aa

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Please Please pick me more the samsung tablet !!!
      It would mean the world to me if i won this giveaway , My bday is also comming , this would be the best bday present ever !!

    • Sergey

      hi if i have 5 points do i atomatically participate or do i have to push some entry button?

    • Kunac Marija

      Ok, I still have three days

    • Mark

      Good luck to every body, I really want to win the note 10.1 2014 edition , I love that tablet

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Please Pick me for the samsung Tab giveaway !!!
      It would mean alot to me pleaaase !!

    • Emmanuel Baluran

      I hope I’m going to get any of these fabulous tablets before this event ends. :D

    • bruckwine

      Let’s try this one more time…

    • muddyjch

      Any of these would be awesome!!!

    • Russell Ridley

      I need it

    • ZAid niazi

      oh pls, this time me, u havent selected anyone from india…

      • Alexandru Socol

        Well, that’s what random means…

    • Hafiz Alias

      I dont even have a smartphone..please at least give one of these to me..

    • Madhav Phophaliya

      Thanks Android Authority for international giveaways , but i have never seen anyone telling “i have won before” but please give me the chance to do so

    • http://www.tattebayo.com/ Tate

      And another one~

    • Hasithdis

      me me me !!!!!!!!!!1

    • Sam


    • ZAid niazi

      pls this time me !

    • tainekingi

      How is there 17950 views but 79695 entries??? To many people entering or something, can’t handle the numbers.

      • EJ

        You can earn more “tickets” (entries) by completing the tasks listed in the article.

    • Brucebrasil


    • Ibrahim Önder

      11.59 PM what timezone ?

    • http://gizmophiliacs.com/ kunalwanvari

      lemme win for once! *pretty plz*

    • http://minima-moralia.noblogs.org/ elleti.brainvision

      Oh men this is the greatest giveaway I ever seen!!
      Hour to win just one..

    • Monojit Nath

      I never won any giveaways in my life…i will have tears in my eyes if i win seriously . i will cry

    • hash1721

      aaaaaaannnddd, UK again! i’m never gonna get a chance to win T_T

    • Zoltan Hidegkuti

      I just hope Hungary is not out of shipping range.

      How does this work BTW? You get an email of the win, you have to report back before they announce your name?

      • Jin

        I dont think its not.
        if it is not, i quote “you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.”

    • sergey

      not me again =)

    • Kilgore Trout

      The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is one of my favorites!!!
      I’d love to win this!!!

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Please Pick me for samsung Tab , i really really wanna win this !!

    • EunHaeism ♥

      It would mean alot to me if i win this !! please pick me ^^

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Samsung Tab would be the best birthday present ever , if i won this giveaway !!
      Please Pick me !!

    • Iwan Haniyoto

      I hope and pray, maybe i lucky enough to win Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and give it to my lovely wife. She dreaming have Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to help her on job.

    • EunHaeism ♥

      It would mean the world to me if i won the samsung tab , I hardly win something ….!! i really wanna win something at least once in my life , it would amazing is i won the S.Tab ^^
      Please pick me !

      • D’Ander McSullivan


        • Guest

          pick up your dignity !! it fell somewhere in the comment section !!

    • Sarah Hamid

      UK again ! come on !

    • Sharath

      Woah,lots of UK people winning recently.

    • Paul

      Lets pick someone from Canada today!!! Make it so, Android Authority.

    • Sharan Bahirwani

      This giveaway is amazing thank you android authority :) hope i win!

    • borche

      Come on luck, strike at least once :P

    • Curtis

      Great contest! Thanks for the opportunity Android Authority and Opera!

    • Jarl

      please please please let me win today?
      my old Note 10.1′s screen broke :(

      thanks to AndroidAuthority for all the great giveaways!

    • Piotr Marciniak

      Polish guy like me would be thankfull too:)

    • HdzBlue

      No US winners yet? O:

    • Johnny B Goode

      I’m core customer of Samsung! I hope to win Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tab…:D

    • Ifeelyoudude

      Awh gosh there are still 2 tablets in the giveaway… I want one of them because I really need it for my job.. let the luck be with me!

    • Jin

      sadly, I feel like next winner is going to be Dutch or German :p

      • Ifeelyoudude

        man, I think that them next winners r goin to be people from UK. I noticed that more than half of the winners are from the UK so..

    • tzkiki32

      Wouldn’t it be great winning one of these giveaway!! One can only hope…

    • augusto

      3 people in the uk have won,,, that is unfair…

    • Ahmad Tariq

      3 people from UK

    • Leslie

      3 people from the UK. What’s going on here? Unfair.

    • disqusguitar

      What a great giveaway thanks for this & count me in please.

    • emyrol asraf

      please i want win….

    • seb

      I want one

    • EunHaeism ♥

      Pleaaaaaase Pleaaaaaase Pick me !!!

    • EunHaeism ♥

      i’ve always wanted to hav a Tab , it would be great if a won the samsung Tab !

    • Андрей Препияло

      OMG! I need this tab! I like to draw and this guy is best for drawing and sketching!

    • Max

      aaand again UK…

    • Omar Steele

      hopefully i win

    • Craig Lawrence

      am i in

    • Bambang Hermanto

      3 from UK? Come one. Make one to Indonesia please.

    • Mahmood Qadri

      I Haven’t Won Any Contest In My Life And I Am Desperate To Win This One And I WILL WIN!!!

    • Revanth

      Only two more to go :-( at least one these

    • ZAid niazi

      oh pls, this time !!!

    • Madhur

      Why are the winners are only of western countries?

    • Monojit Nath

      M done with giveaways

    • Peach

      Isnt it kinda unfair that almost all the winners are from the UK

      • Alexandru Socol

        Oh c`mon people finish it already with this UK drama… Randomness also includes the possibility of all 7 winners being from UK.

    • stellar

      Indonesia pls ! :))

    • http://sukis-welt.blogspot.com/ Marie-Luise Orland

      please let me win

    • Faiq Siddiqui

      Hope I get one of these

    • Shahrukh Lalani

      Last day!

    • marycontrary

      Will I win? Maybe this time…

    • michaelz

      Come on birthday present

    • https://www.facebook.com/kureii21 Karen Bernarte

      Waw! Someone from Philippines won!:D

    • Naza Clemente

      Last Tablet, Last Chance, it must be mine!

    • Kilgore Trout

      I won nothing… What are the odds… :) lol Thanks Android Authority for the fun though!!!

    • Dehaha1

      Just… Just one of them, that’s all I ask!

    • tech1no

      always a chance

    • franxalot

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    • Johan Garcia

      awww man i just entered kinda too late -.- how come i did not see this earlier :(

    • Jarl

      didn’t win again :(

    • Mowtje

      Succes to Everyone!

    • Muhammad Hariz

      still no luck

    • RB Shah

      atleast give this last :D

    • Miguel Almeida

      Portugal pls!

    • Navid Lancaster

      None for the Caribbean I see.

    • tony solinan

      Its last the last givsway so here is hoping i can win this givaway as it the final one!

    • tony solinan

      Well we are here again,so i will enter
      To win this as its a nexus7 i have last
      years nexus7 i would love to win the
      this as its the last givaway!

    • tony solinan

      I must go now to see whats going on
      in the world of Android!

    • ghost_yuriy

      SOOO who won?!

    • ghost_yuriy

      So who won?!

    • Alex Joshua Garcia

      Last item for this batch. I hope the computer choose my entry.

    • KenanDarklord

      feels like they choose people close to europe and us(philippines because josh is from thr)

    • SContrerasMer

      11:59, which time?, PST?, EST?, i need to know

      • SContrerasMer

        the widget has replied to me, is EST

    • Sid Vyas

      Google Nexus 7 is probably the best tablet Google ever made. When you are carrying Google Nexus 7, I remember the classic phrase “Neighbour’s Envy, Owners Pride!”

    • Sudhanshu Patil

      all those complain about winners being british should know that Philippines is in asia

    • Admiral

      how does the system draw the winner?

      • ghost_yuriy


    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Navid Lancaster

      Oh well. Didn’t win anything. I’m a Chrome user anyway.
      (proceeds to un-install Opera from phone …etc).

    • https://www.facebook.com/pickyourpocketwallets?ref=hl Caylee Raz

      I’m too late :(((

    • ghost_yuriy

      Ah damn it! But thanks for the opportunity Android Authority!

    • NaiKang He

      please let me me at least 1 time in my life