Meizu Pro 6 rumored to launch with 6GB RAM

by: Robert TriggsMarch 14, 2016

Meizu MX5-8

A report from China suggests that Meizu is gearing up to launch a new high-end smartphone this year called the Meizu Pro 6. The likely successor to last year’s Pro 5 is said to come with Samsung’s high-end Exynos 8890 processor found in the Galaxy S7, 128GB of internal memory, and 6GB of RAM. Because you can never have enough RAM, right?

Along with the huge memory pool, the same rumor states that the Meizu Pro 6 will also come with a 4GB RAM, 64GB storage option as well. Other specifications are said to include a 1080p display with 3D/Force Touch technology, fast charging support, and the company’s Flyme 6.0 operating system and a few other unique pieces of software.

Even if this report turns out to be true, the Meizu Pro 6 won’t be the first smartphone to feature a whopping 6GB of RAM. That particular milestone has already been claimed by the Vivo Xplay 5, which was announced at the start of the month.

Vivo Xplay5 teaserSee also: Vivo Xplay 5 launched with 6 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820 and dual-edge display93

The Meizu Pro 6 isn’t likely to be unveiled until the third or fourth quarter of the year. While we wait, the company is expected to announce its mid-tier Meizu MX6 smartphone sometime in April.

  • Samuel Hauptmann van Dam

    Can anyone explain to me when this would be necessary? I mean, I love free ram, but when will I actually get to use them?

    • Elodia

      Well, Android stores all the apps that you used and keep in background in your ram. This it is done to consume less energy and to be more efficient (emptying the memory and loading new stuff consumes a lot for a mobile device with a limited power supply), in short

      • gqukyo

        In short, more apps open for longer periods of time. That still doesn’t cure any rogue apps that constantly drains more memory as time goes on but that’s another issue altogether. Lol

        Oops, meant to respond to Samuel.

  • Davry

    My biggest problem with Chinese manufacturers is that they only add unnecessary hardware to their “flagship” phones but doesn’t actually improve the user interface. Whereas phone makers like Samsung actually care about improving phone overallvquality.. No matter how much hardware spec they cram into their phone, no matter how much cheaper they are compare to Samsung KG etc.. I will not buy them lol

    • Davey


      • DavidEssex

        You can edit your own posts…. lol

    • balcobomber25

      I can tell you never actually used a premium Chinese phone from a premium Chinese manufacturer otherwise you wouldnt have posted this pointless drivel.

    • devilreaper

      I bought the Mi 4 for around 250 dollars outright. i.e without contract and it is seriously good. I wanted a mid range phone and I ended up getting a flagship that retails for lower than any Samsung or lg or htc mid range phone. Not saying that it is the best but it does offer some pros that may appeal to people that are not so rich.

    • Anon

      lumping all chinese companies together is already stupid. thats like saying BLU and Apple should be categorized together.

  • vmxr

    6G for a phone ? why :/

    • DavidEssex

      This is the same junk people said with 4gb of ram and/or 1TB of hard drive space for computers. “Who would USE that?”

      • devilreaper

        It would greatly benefit in windows mobile though. Due to the continuum feature needing more RAM to perform like a desktop.

      • vmxr

        its a phone not a pc its waste of money just to make some idiot happy showing off his phone to his friends

  • Fabian Taveras

    6gb ram? Will it actually be useful or will it be nothing more than mere marketing gimmick.

    • DavidEssex

      This is the same crap people said with 4gb of ram and/or 1TB of hard drive space for computers. “Who would USE that?”

      • Salik Zaki Anwar

        obviously may be in near future approx10-15 years we will be able to get our hands on 1TB ram and 1EB internal memory phone
        Who knows

  • s2weden2000

    That’s right!

  • adam cray

    while the specs are great and all but what meizu really need is stock android. flyme os sucks big time.