Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola's Mobile Devices Division

Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola's Mobile Devices Division

There have been some wild comments thrown around recently, and we’re pleased to say that at least one of them may be correct. Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola’s Mobile Devices Division, has stated that Motorola plan on bringing to market a 2Ghz Android smartphone this year. This has come right from the horse’s mouth, so we’re inclined to believe that the Droid designers will do their best to make sure this happens. A 2Ghz Android phone will make it the fastest yet, by a mile.

Some other rumors that are floating around at the moment include whispers that this new device will also push NVIDIA Tegra graphics. Oh, as well as Flash 10.1. Did we forget a gyroscope and HD video recording and output too? Those might be there as well. These ideas come from a different Moto exec so we’re less inclined to put our faith into all of them. We would love to be proven wrong, however.

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James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
  • John B.

    What’s the point in 2Ghz if your phone’s flat within a couple of hours.

    I’d much prefer that Motorola and the rest of the Snapdragon 1Ghz gang concentrated on battery life.

    My Android 2.1 Desire runs fast enough for me already, so the jump in speed with the eventual 2.2 upgrade will be welcome, but probably unnecessary.

    It’s now time to start underclocking these devices, rather than trying to make them come out on top of a useless benchmark.

  • just some dude

    Ridiculous, are we to sit by and accept 1gig speeds because our phones will die quicker? I say build it fast and hard and the battery life will follow, by the way i read that intel will get in the mobile game with there Atom chip that promises a 10 day stand by time. Anyway bring on the GIG’s, Android’s love Gigahertz.

  • Greg

    I hear ya John B, but the companies that do mobile phone processor research & development don’t usually do battery r&d. Batteries are getting better and better, just not as quickly as processor speeds increase.

  • Jojo

    This is just CRAZY!!! In a good way I mean. Just think about it: 2Ghz processor! it’s much faster even from today’s netbooks, like every single 1 of them!!! let alone phones!!!! and their planning to launch it this year? that’s just WOW! But the most important thing they must not forget (besides the battery life of course, I’m definately with u guys on this 1) is the SCREEN!! it must not come with just a 4inch screen, I mean, with a proc like that, come on! at least a 5inch screen right? like dell streak. And the screen type and res must also balance the proc capacity, maybe an amoled (if not a super amoled) and an equal resolution as the iphone 4. And of course a physical keyboard would be really nice.
    cheers ^_

  • John B.

    Just some dude: There’s phones that can easily manage 10 days standby already (most of the Nokia’s for example), I’d reckon that if you turned off the background sync of the more recent HTC phones they’d come close (“standby” means that you’re not using the phone for anything, no background apps, no data, nothing)

    Greg: Agreed, battery tech IS improving, but at nowhere near the speeds of Moore’s Law (double CPU power at half the price every couple of years). I want to see fast phones, but not at the expense of having to plug in every 6 hours and 4G will suck even more life from your battery.

    JoJo: 2Ghz of mobile CPU doesn’t mean it’ll perform any better than a 1.45Ghz Intel Atom, it’s down to CPU efficiency, number of CPU cores and how well the OS is written (there’s HUGE increase in performance from Android 2.1 -> Froyo). You can only realistically compare Ghz from the same CPU to get any idea of speed.

    Anyway, 4″ Super AMOLED screen with a physical keyboard (or at least a much better soft-keyboard) with a full days use (watching tv, podcast listening, twittering, Web surfing and grabbing emails in the background) will do me just fine, if the screen gets much bigger you’ll never get it into your pocket :-)

  • batman

    The Droid x is suppossed to have 7 hours talk and 200+ standby. Is that good enough?