5 new Galaxy S5 software features (video)

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 9, 2014

The Galaxy S5 goes on sale this Friday, and if history and early reactions are an indication, Samsung’s new hero device will be another hit.

If you are one of the millions of people from around the world that will get an S5 in the next few weeks, you’ll probably want to know as much as possible about the phone’s software. In this post, we specifically look at the biggest, most interesting new software features coming on the Galaxy S5.

1. My Magazine

samsung galaxy s5 aa my magazine

My Magazine gives you a mix of news, articles, and social updates from hundreds of sites and the most popular social networks. Accessible with a swipe from the left, My Magazine piggybacks on Flipboard, though you don’t get as many customization options as you get on the standalone app. Ultimately, My Magazine is a nice, easy to access way to catch up with up the world straight from your homescreen.

2. New multitasking

moto x vs nexus 4 aa performance n4 multitasking

Samsung changed the way users can access the recent apps list on the S5, by ditching the Menu capacitive menu in favor of the new Recent Apps button. The move makes it way easier to switch between apps, and the redesigned multitasking interface is another step in the right direction.

3. Toolbox

Samsung galaxy s5 toolbox

Toolbox is a little widget that reminded us a bit of the Chat Heads feature of Facebook Home. The widget, which floats on top of most of your apps, contains shortcuts to five apps of your choice. The always-on-top part may be annoying, but if you have a specific workflow, Toolbox could prove very handy.

4. Download booster

samsung galaxy s5 download booster screenshot

Download booster seems to be one of those ideas that someone should’ve been done years ago. The feature combines Wi-Fi and data connectivity to increase download speeds. It works as advertised in most cases, though you will need to keep an eye on data consumption to avoid any surprises at the end of the month.

5. Ultra power saving mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 power saving grayscale 2

When you find yourself in a pickle with your phone about to die, you likely don’t care about pretty colors or Facebook updates. Ultra power saving mode sacrifices convenience for durability by making the screen monochrome and turning off all but the essential features. In theory, this should help you extend battery life by at least a few precious hours.

What’s the best new software feature on the Galaxy S5? Tell us in the comments.

  • thartist

    Waiting for the update where the fingerprint scanner gets well implemented all across.

  • Ben Edwards

    Why is the multitasking shot of a Nexus 4? :P

    • 84guy

      Came down to comments to ask the same thing

    • JayQ330

      Looks like Samsung’s G5 has a capacitive recent menu button now, there’s one problem though every Android user that’s had the multicast menu button has been on screen & to the right side…. That’s where Samsung did things backwards & probably dissent want this shown? Because there’s is on the left side, I guess they want people to think it’s more like the o.g. google nav bar then a backwards awkward feeling setup.

      • Ben Edwards

        Got to agree with you there, catches me out using people’s Samsung phones with the keys reversed. Just thought it was odd that AA were using a picture of a Nexus 4 for that when they have an S5 for everything else.

        • JayQ330

          And Samsung spends so much money on marketing, guess they needed up this time lol. It really is uncomfortable to googles layout.

  • zubairali

    Enjoying all these features on my Note II for many days now :P

    • Frank

      what rom are you using?

      • zubairali

        Frank its DN3 with S5 mod pack. Ultra Power saving mode is simply awesome. ROM is RC2 but it is very stable battery life is also awesome

  • Luka Mlinar

    Only good thing about this phone is that the Cyanogenmod Installer works with it.

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  • illregal

    One of these is a rip-off of htc blinkfeed, one is a ripoff of facebook home, one is just stock android.. So what you’ve really got is, a download booster. oh boy..

    • Brendon Brown

      A download booster that will waste your data …

      • illregal

        I actually read over on phonedog as well, that the download booster.. Isn’t even enabled on any of the US carriers. BUAHAHAHAHA.

  • JayQ330

    *ULTRA POWER SAVING MODE? Please…. HTC has Ultra POWER RANGERS ULTRA ZOID SAVING MODE.* what’s happening with these companies these days? I guess it sounds cool for the Asian company to use the word’s “ultra & power” & I’m sure some Americans will say wow! That’s better than these guys power saver mode.
    *only 2 hours shorter than the other guys, but it’ll save a shit load of energy since it takes an ultra powered app to save battery on a galaxy full of crazy useless or useful power sucking junkware, I mean innovation*