Welcome back to Google Play Weekly! This week we talk about a new Galaxy S5 feature that measures your stress levels. A new leak that may be showing us the Gmail UI re-design. There’s a new Humble Bundle with seven awesome games and one more still to be announced. Spotify got hacked and released a new application to solve the problem. A new study came out that shows Android vs iOS usage stats for applications. Finally, here are five more Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Peek Android apps of the weekPeek

[Price: $4.09]
First up this week is an app called Peek. Peek is a standalone application that mimics the ParanoidAndroid feature of the same name. The premise is simple. The app lets you check your notifications without pressing a single button. It’s loaded with additional features and if you like to deal with your notifications quickly, check it out in the Play Store. It costs $4.09.
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addappt android apps of the weekaddappt: up-to-date contacts

[Price: Free]
Next up is addappt and this is actually a really cool application. Here’s how it works. The app is a contacts replacement app that helps you manage your contacts. You get your friends to use it and when you connect, you no longer have to worry about updating your friend’s information. Say your friend gets a new phone number. They update it in addappt and then that change syncs to everyone that person is connected to. It’s free in the Play Store and it’s cross platform so it works with iOS and Android.
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circix android apps of the weekCircix

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Next up is an app that’s is a little bit brain teaser and a little bit time waster. What you do is connect all the boxes with other boxes but you can only create so many connections per box. So if the box has a two, you can only connect two boxes to that one box. It’s easy to start out and gets progressively more difficult. It also features over 200 free levels with more available. There is also a new speed round where you must solve as many puzzles as you can in three minutes. It’s free to download in the Play Store.
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circix android apps of the week

tappy chicken Android apps of the weekTappy Chicken

[Price: Free]
Tappy Chicken is a Flappy Bird rip off and probably the only one I’ll talk about ever. There’s a reason. Tappy Chicken was actually made without one line of code being written. The developers were able to create this game using solely mouse clicks and pre-existing presets. I just wanted to talk about it for a minute because I thought it was kinda funny that you can create this game without actually using one line of code.
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Tappy Chicken android apps of the week

watch dogs android apps of the weekWatch_Dogs Companion: ctOS

[Price: Free]
Last up this week is the official Watch Dogs companion app. Watch Dogs had quite the release this last week and a lot of people have been talking about it. The companion app lets you stay connected to the game and I mean the actual game. It’s actually kind of impressive you can do things like play live with other people. According to the app description you don’t even need to own the PC or console version to play. If you’re a fan of the game, this is free to download so why not?
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watch dogs android apps of the week

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