5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyApril 25, 2014

Welcome to another episode of Google Play Weekly! This week we take a look at a huge Springtime app sale from the Google Play Store and you can find the list of games available right here. Google announced that it will be taking a much more ad-focused approach to advertisements in the near future. The fake antivirus app Virus Shield is down and Google is handing out refunds as we speak. Google Hangouts got a huge update that merged SMS and Hangouts threads. Samsung will soon put advertisements into Milk Music; a service known for being ad free. Finally, here are 5 more Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

es android appsES File Explorer

[Price: Free]
First to get the nod this week is ES File Explorer. It’s already ragingly popular but if you’re a root user, ES File Explorer’s latest update can be really helpful. It includes a new root-only permission that allows it to read and write to your SD card, thus circumventing the new Android Kit Kat SD card limitation problem. Currently, it is one of only a few file managers that can do this. So if you’re rooted and suffering the Kit Kat SD card blues, ES File Explorer has you covered.
Get it on Google Play

baldur's gate android appsBaldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

[Price: $9.99 with in app purchases]
If you were a fan of the original Buldar’s Gate, then I’ve got some good news for you. The original game has been re-released for Android with some enhancements to make the mobile experience better. It’s one of the better action RPG titles to come out over the last 15 years and this seems to continue that proud tradition. There are in app purchases that include more missions, re-recorded voice sets, and artwork. It’s a little expensive at $9.99 but you’re looking at 60 hours of game play.
Get it on Google Play
baldur's gate android apps

android apps amazing spider-man 2The Amazing Spider-Man 2

[Price: $4.99 with in app purchases]
Another big game release this week is the Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Gameloft. They just finished up releasing Captain America a couple of weeks ago and now there’s a new Spider-Man game. The graphics are actually pretty good and the game play looks like a lot of fun. You play as Spider-man as you battle against classic bad guys. The only potential issue is the game costs $4.99 and also contains in app purchases. Gameloft seems to really want to push it with their customers but the game still rates a 4.1 in the Play Store.
Get it on Google Play

farmville 2 android appsFarmVille 2: Country Escape

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
I know this isn’t as exciting as other releases, but there was a Farmville game released by Zynga this last week. We did a review here on Android Authority and I’ll link that here at the end of the video and in the video description below. This is the essential FarmVille experience with the classic FarmVille mechanics. If you like and play FarmVille, you know what this game is about. If you don’t like it, you still won’t like it now. At the very least, it is free to play.
Get it on Google Play

clash of clans android appsClash of Clans

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Last up this week is the now venerable Clash of Clans. The insanely popular online multiplayer strategy game got an update recently that has introduced a new game type called Clan Wars. The concept is very simple, your clan goes up against other clans and you battle it out for a few days. It adds some new life to an aging premise and they managed to do it in a way that newer and veteran players can enjoy. The game is free as usual so there’s no harm in checking it out.
Get it on Google Play

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  • Otto Andersson

    Where the hell is xcom on this list? It’s expensive but basically a full pc game without in app purchases.

    • JosephHindy

      Didn’t even know Xcom came out. Maybe it’ll be on next week’s list :)

      • MasterMuffin

        There’s also this new game called Phlux. It is really nice looking, only downside is it’s made with Unity

        • JosephHindy

          Why is using Unity a downside?

          • MasterMuffin

            Unity games feel like I’m streaming the game to my screen, the fps is (at least for me) always so low that moving objects look terrible

  • RaptorOO7

    ES Explorer is great, except you need root and that is getting harder and harder on certain phones, especially Galaxy phones from Samsung.

    • Root isn’t needed for ES explorer, just certain features require root. But without it, it works fine.

      • Otto Andersson

        Ditto what this guy said. I like it because I can make my phone function like a computer. I like putting shortcuts to folders on my home screen. It makes life a lot easier.

    • Mf Lye

      don’t blame it on ES, blame it on samsuck and their knox shiat.

  • Ali

    Clash of the clans….you serious bro.. :/


    Clash of Clans consumed my life for a while.