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May 23, 2014
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    Welcome back to Google Play Weekly! This week was all about Google as they have once again dominated our headlines. This week we saw the Play Store and other app stores come under fire because of freemium apps in Italy. Google updated Google Maps, Google Chrome, Gmail, and Google Plus. While they were at it, they grabbed up an awesome app called Word Lens. Then they told Android Wear app developers that they could get some special treatment if they had apps ready for Google I/O. Finally, well-known developer Chainfire sits down to talk about the future of root apps and root in general. Now here is five more Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

    summoner wars android appsSummoner Wars

    [Price: Free]
    First up this week is Summoner Wars. It was a popular game on iOS and it’s finally made its way to Android where it has received a surprising amount of press. It’s a digital card game with board game mechanics baked in. You collect cards and then play a sort of modified chess game with them against either AI or real life opponents. There is quite a bit of game play, cross platform support, in app purchases, and it’s accumulated over 5000 installs so far. The app is a little buggy though, so beware.
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    summoner wars android apps

    quickclick android appsQuickClick

    [Price: Free with in app purchases]
    QuickClick is a very simple application that allows you to set either a volume button or a sequence of volume buttons to perform certain actions. For instance you can say to turn on your camera after you click the volume up once and volume down once in quick succession and then when you do that, the camera will open. It’s a fairly nifty application for those who want more out of their hardware buttons and it’s free so check it out!
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    allcast android appsAllCast Receiver

    [Price: Free]
    If you’ve been a long-time fan of the Google Play Weekly show you’ve no doubt heard about AllCast. It’s developed by Koushik Dutta and it streams local content to Chromecasts. Now, he’s released the AllCast receiver. Once you install this nifty and free app, you will be able to use AllCast to play media to that device. So say you want to play something from your phone to your tablet. Install AllCast Receiver on the tablet, AllCast on the phone, and stream it. Easy peasy.
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    whistle camera android appsWhistle Camera

    [Price: Free]
    Next up is a nifty little camera application called Whistle Camera. The premise is simple. You whistle and it takes a picture. That’s essentially all it does. We know there are times when your hands are preoccupied or covered in things like gloves that make it difficult to capture images and with this app you can whistle to get it done. In the demo video is suggests taking photos while driving which I personally think is a terrible idea but the app is free and for the love of God don’t use it while driving.
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    beautiful icon styler android appsBeautiful Icon Styler

    [Price: Free with in app purchases]
    Last up this week is a fun app called Beautiful Icon Styler. What this app does is let you change icons on your stock launcher. Now for those who don’t know, usually you need a 3rd party launcher like Nova, Apex, or Action Launcher in order to use custom icon packs. What this app does is let you use those icon packs on your stock launcher and you don’t need anything special like root access. You can try it for free to see if it works but so far most people seem to be enjoying it.
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    beautiful icon styler android apps


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