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Google is releasing an app that will give people rewards for sending in their (anonymous) mobile data usage stats called Mobile Meter. Also, Swiftkey got a huge update where you can re-size and move the keyboard at will. Twitter could be doing a messenger service. The latest Humble Bundle 7 is available with some great Android games. Lastly, Rovio is doing a Diddy Kong Racing re-make (with their own characters). Watch the video above or click the links to check those out more. Here are 5 more Android apps you can’t miss this week!

Android apps - NetflixNetflix

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Netflix got an update that has increased performance pretty much across the board. Along with a much smoother experience, the app also has a new GUI so it both looks and acts brand new. If you’re a
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Netflix subscriber and you’ve been holding off on the Android version, it might be a good time to try it out now.
Netflix - Android apps

Android apps - InstagramInstagram

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Next up we’ll talk about Instagram. The app was updated recently to include a few new features. There are simplified video settings, which includes a new setting to help with
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data usage, and you can now straighten pictures taken with the Instagram camera.
Instagram - Android apps - android

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We know a lot of people who use don’t like it very much, but they have been trying hard to not be so terrible. That said, a recent update has added a few new features. You can now
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choose more colors for theming your inbox, you can sync your entire mailbox for offline viewing, and they have included server side search. - Android apps

Riptide GP2 - Android appsRiptide GP2

[Price: $2.99]
The best water-related racing game this year got a new update and it’s a really big one. Included is a new game mode where you can challenge your friends and compete for best times on leaderboards.
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They have added a new hydro jet, the Scorpion, you can now race as a female rider, and they’ve added some new touchscreen controls.
Riptide GP2 Android apps

Google Play Music - Android appsGoogle Play Music

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Last on our trending apps list this week is Google Play Music. They got a small update that didn’t add all that much. You can now listen to I’m Feeling Lucky radio which will play music that you
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love, according to Google. They have also added Pin icons to cards so you can more easily keep track of what’s on your device.
Google Play Music - Android apps

Do you have any new apps to recommend this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Cotomeo

    I still use my Hotmail account and yes, outlook is trying hart to not suck

    • JosephHindy

      I use an email too (just to see what it’s like). I actually quite enjoy the mobile app. It seems people are far less forgiving of non-Google products on Android these days. A lot of the stuff that gets 1-star reviews are something people would’ve been like “4 stars til fixed” on Gmail. It saddens me but it’s still a lot better than it was 6 months ago.

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    I just noticed the AA guy kind of looks like Cartman from South Park.

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      Wish you’d said this on Monday so I could say you made my week but I’ll have to settle for the weekend… You rock bro

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        I wouldn’t go so far, but thanks :)

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      I may (or may not) be using this eventually in future projects :D

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      Good one!

  • David Redpath

    Will we be seeing a Halloween edition soon? Best Trick or Treating app? Or Spooky Live Wallpaper

  • iantrich

    Would like to see more new apps and not apps with incremental updates in these weekly articles, please.

  • Basel Kira

    2 of these apps aren’t available in my country (netflix and google play music ) …
    Can anyone provide a way without rooting my device ?