5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! [Google Play Weekly]

by: Joe HindyNovember 23, 2013

A lot happened in the world of Android this week and, as it has been since the launch of Android Kitkat and the Nexus 5, most of it has been Google. To start, there is a new Google Play Store layout that will let you search for apps based on whether or not they’ve been designed for a tablet or a phone. The Xbox One launched this last week and so did the accompanying Smartglass app. Google Wallet was updated and it brought tap-to-pay functionality to all Android Kitkat devices. Google also combined the Currents and Magazine app into an interesting mash-up called Google Newsstand, which we reviewed. Lastly, Pocket 5.0 was released and we reviewed that one as well.

Todoist Android appsTodoist

[Price: Free]
First on our list this week is Todoist. It’s already touted as one of the best to-do list apps available for Android today and a recent update has only made things better. Get it on Google PlayNew features include Google Now support, DashClock Widget support, and Android Kitkat support. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to check it out.
Todoist Android apps

Google Drive Android appsGoogle Drive

[Price: Free]
Google Drive was recently updated. Included in the new update is a new light theme, a quick action bar, swipe to refresh, better upload reliability, and more spreadsheet functionality. Get it on Google PlayIf you have been balking on trying Google Drive and this update has some features you’ve been waiting for, give it a shot.
Google Drive Android apps

Twitter Android appsTwitter

[Price: Free]
Twitter continues to inspire and impress as they improve their app yet again. This time around you can add new filters to search, improved trending and Discover modes, and a Get it on Google Playnew verification backup method. The app has been improving to battle its third party vendors and it’s worth taking a second look if you haven’t already.
Twitter Android apps

Google Translate Android appsGoogle Translate

[Price: Free]
It’s not very often that we hear about Google Translate updates because the app is already awesome. However, an update was recently released that does more than just fix bugs or improve performance. Get it on Google PlayThere is now a new interface that makes it easier to communicate with people while you are there with them along with some added handwriting and camera functionality. Check it out!
Google Translate Android apps

DirectTV Android appsDirectTV

[Price: Free]
Usually TV provider apps really aren’t that good but they are trying to improve. In a recent update, DirectTV now allows customers to view 30 channels on their mobile devices when they’re not at home. Get it on Google PlayThese include SHOWTIME, STARZ, the Food Network, and the DIY network, among others. If you have DirectTV and don’t have this app, it’s worth checking out.
DirectTV Android apps

  • Marcus Thomas

    Twitter still hasn’t caught up to third party clients. Add the ability to reply from the notification tray and then they can join the grown man’s club.

    • JosephHindy

      Lol I said they were working hard to catch up to their third party competition ;) I agree that they haven’t yet but they’re getting there.

    • APai

      Not only that, they are like a poor man’s twitter app. plume, falcon pro are miles ahead in terms of look and feel and functionality. If twitter ever closes the door on third party apps, I’d much rather abandon twitter than take up their lousy app

      • Marcus Thomas

        And the saddest part is that the third party apps are better than the full desktop Twitter website.

        • JosephHindy

          Lol hell the official Twitter app is better than the actual website. The actual website is horrible lol.

    • thesociallions

      Replying from the notification tray is currently working on the Beta channel.

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