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The recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Pad gaming accessory, for the Galaxy S4 and up to 6.3-inch touchscreen devices, prompted plenty of speculation that the Galaxy Note 3 will come with a 6.3-inch display, just as some reports suggested in the past.

But now we hear that a 5.9-inch Galaxy Note 3 will be demoed to AT&T execs later this week. That 5.9-inch size is not new either, as recent reports have said that Samsung is working on mobile devices with 5.9 inch displays.

A new Korea Times article says that AT&T and Samsung execs will meet in Seoul, South Korea, this week to discuss the launch and AT&T promotion of the upcoming smartphone.

Apparently AT&T will get to look at a Galaxy Note 3 mockup during the meetings. The device is said to sport a 5.9-inch OLED display with Full HD resolution, Exynos 5 Octa processor, LTE and various features, “though discussions are still under way regarding what they should be.”

All these details are coming from an executive at a “Samsung’s main parts supplier,” but as always, he wasn’t identified.

As for the 6.3-inch Samsung Android device, the publication notes that it will be a separate product, but not a flagship device like the Galaxy Note 3:

A 6.3-inch phablet is also in the works with the company expected to introduce the model in the first half of this year. The 6.3-inch phablet will be a budget model not a flagship one in line with its strategy to expand product lineups.

Are you looking forward to a 5.9-inch Galaxy Note 3? Or are you sticking with smaller smartphones this year?

  • Arsenal™

    not everyone has big hands :S

    • Bone

      But most ppl have two.

      • ok, then u hold ur phone with 2 hands

    • Topcat488

      The Note is not for everyone… Last time i heard, the users of the ipad mini were bragging about how it’s comfortable with one handed use… O.0

    • Dave Weinstein

      Yes. But this is where Steve Jobs got it wrong. It’s NEVER been about your hands, it’s been about what you can see. People like to be able to see more information, and larger screens are let you do that.

      But maybe I misspoke. Maybe it is a little bit about your hands… or at least your fingers. I have a hard time on a 4″ device with the on screen keyboard. A 5″+ screen makes the keyboard a LOT more manageable.

      Almost EVERYONE that uses a Note doesn’t want to go back to a small screen. And the only real arguments in favor of small screens are “Apple said so”, “we’re accustomed to small screens”, or, “you can use a small screen phone with one hand”. All are weak arguments, and nobody that actually tries the large screen cares about any of that stuff.

  • BKJ

    I’m really hoping the Note 3 comes out soon, I have the Note and would love a good upgrade.
    Now with the gamepad+emulators=epic!
    I hope the gamepad come with a battery that I can charge Note 3 with, that would be great!

    • beci

      I have too the N7000 Galaxy Note. I think all we Note users we can not change this type of Series becouse its perfect. The S-pen features its very simple to work with the phone and the Big Display is awesome to look TV, Youtube and Videos.

      • I agree. I can’t even touch any other different phone and no think it’s too small. Waiting to upgrade to the Note 3 as well.

        • R7ex

          I will not buy another phone without a stylus.

  • Ali


  • Dominick_7

    A 5.9 inch Note 3 will be awesome!

  • hoggleboggle

    I like the sound of the screen “only” being 5.9 inches. I want to upgrade my GS2 to a note because of the stylus. I really don’t want the screen size ballooning past 6 inches.

    • Dave Weinstein

      why don’t you actually wait and see how the overall device sizes up before you make statements like this.

  • Lephai

    Relieved the Note 3 will be 5.9′ . My original Note is due for upgade but 6.3 inches for this flagship was a real nightmare for me. Obviously it will have to be better than the SIV. Dell Streak failed because it only marketed the size without back-up technology

    • Dave Weinstein

      Why are you assuming that a 6.3″ Note 3 would be appreciably bigger than a 5.3″ Note 1. The current 5″ IGZO based phones are as small (or smaller) than 4″ devices. They just have much tighter bezel. There’s no reason to believe that any 6″+ device wouldn’t have the same small bezel.

      I don’t understand your “real nightmare” statement.

  • Hans

    Please let it get front dual/stereo speakers like the HTC One

  • Lara

    Why on earth would someone buy a budget friendly 6.3″ phone? Even if it wasn’t budget friendly?! Dufaq would you even NEED it for excel t watching movies? Why not use a 7″ tablet instead. 5.9″ is massive for a phone, it needs to stop there.

    • Dave Weinstein

      “it needs to stop there”. hmmm. do you go over to your neighbors homes and dig through their cupboards granting approval the food that only YOU like.

      the only thing that needs to “stop” is you telling other people what they are allowed to like and not like.

      • R7ex


        Someday, when the bezel almost disappears, we can even get 7″ on a phone the same size as the Note 2.

        For now, I really wanted that 6.3″ DO-IT-ALL device.

        For LTE regions, bet it’ll be the Snapdragon 800 instead of the Octa-core.

  • Dave Weinstein

    Actually, nearly everything said in this article it troubling.

    There is no need for a 6.3″ budget device. People on a budget get subsidies from the carriers.

    Samsung is, once again, pulling it’s punches. a FHD (1920×1080) display is currently the “top” display, but won’t be in the 2nd half of this year. They should be using Sharp’s excellent 6.1″ 2560×1600 IGZO display, or something similar. a 5.9″ 1920×1080 (presumable pentile) display is like using last years junk!

    I’m not sure why AT&T still believes that they get to make decisions. This whole thing could be a non-event, just a dog and pony show to appease the buyers at AT&T without having any effect of product development.

    But my real concern is that Samsung is continuing to take direction from Apple’s playbook, and is no longer pushing the envelope with leading technology.

    • Lephai

      FHD vs IGZO resolution anology is only theoretical. Your eyes will not differentiate the two on a cellphone. You will have to scream from the rooftop “…hey everybody! my new phone has the highest resolution” No one will tell the difference.
      The surface of Note 1 is almost 6.3″. It is impossible to fit a 6.3″ screen on any of the current NOTES. I have an advice for you, get a 7″ tablet or the 6.3″ budget model according to a Samsung executive will be designed specially for you. The law of demand and supply prohibit the 6.3″ to be a flagship.

      • R7ex

        The Note 1 is exactly 6.3″ across.

    • Lephai

      Now I know that if cell phone manufactures were to launch a 26 000 000 color screen everybody will be jumping without knowing why.

  • anonymous

    6.3 I’ll get one I’ll get 2 I got the note 2 can’t wait for The note 3