5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 to pack Android 4.3, 3GB of RAM and Snapdragon 800 CPU, report says

by: Chris SmithJuly 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy

A new Galaxy Note 3-related report from South Korea reveals some of the specs of the upcoming smartphone, including a 5.7-inch display.

Until recently, it was widely believed that the handset will have a 5.99-inch display but then a series of reports claimed that the handset will have a 5.7-inch screen, which is just 0.2-inch bigger than the Galaxy Note 2’s. Coincidentally, the Galaxy Note 2 has a screen that’s also just 0.2-inch bigger than its predecessor’s display.

Now MK News says that a bigger display was indeed a candidate for the third-generation Galaxy Note model, but Samsung reconsidered the design after analyzing the response its new Galaxy Mega family received – both Galaxy Mega models are extra large smartphones that have 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch displays.

In addition to display size, the publication listed several other hardware details including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3GB of RAM, LTE-Advanced support and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Even if not confirmed at this time, these specs certainly make sense for a next-gen flagship handset like the Galaxy Note 3.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 is most likely going to be used alongside Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa in different Galaxy Note 3 versions. As for RAM, Samsung has just announced its 3GB RAM modules for mobile devices, saying that the first handsets to get it will launch later this year.

Furthermore, the company already has a Galaxy S4 version that supports LTE-Advanced and we expect its future flagship to also come with faster LTE on board.

Finally, since Android 4.3 is Google’s latest Android version, and since Samsung is already working with it – at least for the Galaxy S4 Google Play edition – it would make sense to see the handset to run this Jelly Bean version at launch.

On top of hardware, the Galaxy Note 3 should also feature improved multitasking features, the report said – naturally, we expect Samsung to include a variety of its own apps on top of “regular” TouchWiz features, particularly S Pen-related ones.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be unveiled in early September in Berlin.

  • Bone

    Would like to see a battery info. With similar size and thinner profile, I don’t expect too big a jump, but 3500mAh would be reasonable.

    • yama

      Battery is going to be 3600-700mah.

    • Jack

      I hope there will be a big battery in the Galaxy Note 3 so you can use it longer than one day without charging the battery every day!

  • Misti curia

    Sounds perfect

  • Fishtank

    I reckon the screen is too small. Other manufacturers are thinking forward and going to 6″ + screens like HTC, Sony and Huawei which makes the samsung slightly unattractive compared to these other larger phones, and at this size level, people no longer care whether the phone fits in their pocket comfortably or one handed usage, they just care about screen size and resolution for videos and gaming.
    Not sure if samsung got it right this time around

    • Mulata Gontu

      The article mentions that they didnt make the screen bigger because of the failure of the galaxy mega series

      • Fishtank

        True, but there are other reasons for the Galaxy mega’s path to failure, including lack of grunt, low resolution and lack of marketing.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Exactly what a bunch of tards, the carriers did not stock it either. I agree this feels like a mistake howevever I’m sold on OLED. 5.7 inches with haptic button, fladh and SD slot has the HTC Max and Z Ultra beat if you dont mind the plastic which I do to the point ill buy a Z Ultra instead if they dont go carrier exclusive like the Z.

          • TmoSamsungMan

            Don’t take this the wrong way or get rude on me but the hunterF case for the note 2 completely transforms the phone around. I swear it’s like having what the note 2 should of been and I even got the nfc working with a spare sicker I had. Then again, I know I know, why should I have to do all that.

          • freddieboy

            Calling polycarbonate plastic is like calling a Mercedes-Benz a Chevy, there both cars. Polycarbonate is plenty good for the millions of frames for glasses, even the frame of my S & W 9mm. Stainless steel barrel & slide of course. I believe when Samsung comes out with a flex screen, polycarbonate body & Carbon Fiber back batt cover plate, on Note 3, will b pretty nice.

      • TmoSamsungMan

        In my honest opinion I think the form factor of the current note 2 is just perfect and they should do what they did with the s3 to s4. Same form but bumped up specs and slightly bigger screen.

        • Ivan Myring

          I don’t think they could increase screen size without increasing the body. They kept the original notes size for the note 2 and I don’t think another 0.2 will work

      • freddieboy

        Actually not failure, just not as popular as Note 2 size. Besides u can’t compair Mega sales to Note Series. Far less powerful, less features, etc. Note 2 size is about as large as u can manage with 1 hand if necessary & still fit n pockets fairly comfortable.

    • Raaj

      I suppose by “people” you mean only “yourself”! And for your kinda “people” Samsung has the Mega!
      I suppose the new Note is not up your alley. And not to worry.. It will be inside a lot of folks’ pockets. People who actually consider utility that is trademark of a Note device.. Unlike your “people” who prefer awkwardness as a lifestyle!

      • Fishtank

        oh, no doubt it will sell well and be a successful device, I’m just saying that new devices such as HTC’s One Max and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra are becoming very competitive

      • jesmeen9


    • kkkk

      Eiw.. 6inches productivity devices are overkill.. with the large bezel of htc one Maxx/ultra and the Togari, thats too toooo much

      • Hotdudeicecream

        Just like 1-2 years ago poeple said that about de galaxy note 1 and 2, now look at were we are :D

    • hoggleboggle

      I hope not. the current Note 2 body is as big as I would want to go with for my own use. Any larger and I will have to start looking at alternatives for my next phone. Sony’s 6″ phablet for example is too big for me.

    • spazman20004

      watch and see all those devices with 6″ plus screens fail as samsung continues to suceed with the epic Note III!!!!

    • john

      This is just my opinion much like yours, but I think the selling factor of these phablets are more than just screen size competition, “It’s not the size, but how you use it.”

      So far, again IMO, Ultra Z’s stylus is nowhere as polished or responsive as the Wacom one inside Note 2, thus whilst the extra dimension is great for watching videos and reading books-I love reading ebooks on phablets- I think Sony could have done much more with that extra space. Not to mention multi-screen feature on Note 2 is much better than almost all other alternatives. Still, not bad for their first phablet.
      TL;DR Z Ultra Decent phone, but could use the extra screen estate better.

      Huawei’s phablets are pretty much the same as the Mega, I didn’t like them at all. On the other hand, Jiayu-Chinese/Indian phone manufacture- is offering a MediaTek based phablet that has much better spec than the above mentioned and is going to be priced much lower. I can see this as an attractive option for people who are looking to buy a cheap phone and a Nexus 7; the phone fills both shoes with great spec/price ratio.

      TL;DR Really for people who wants largest screen possible with no additional features, maybe bad eye sight like my dad, or clumsy fingers, perhaps just want larger screen, hardly what I call forward thinkers.

      Again, you don’t buy Note 3/2/1 just for the extra screen estate, but for the responsive digitizers and samsung implemented feature sets that takes advantage of the larger screen.

      • Railwayman

        I don’t care about any of Samsung’s proprietary features since tablet and phablet mode is a superior enhancement. The problem is that ROMs like Paranoid Android or CM lose a lot of features since Samsung fails to share the source code and assist developers properly (this is a huge problem on their Exynos devices but affects their Snapdragon versions too).

        Another problem is that DPI changes break a lot of TW apps, this problem began to be apparent on the Note II and I am pretty sure that 240 DPI will result in a lot of FCs on the Note III – or graphic errors.

        The multiscreen feature of the Note is another problem: it requires TouchWiz and it is proprietary closed source. To me, TW is a huge drawback that has to be eliminated. With the DPI problems and lack of tablet and phablet mode is added, it ends up as a deal breaker. The RockChip multi window implementation is more interesting since it seems portable to other ROMs, unlike the Samsung edition that is heavily tied to the TW framework and apps.

        I use tablet mode in all user apps and phablet mode for everything else, including the elegant ability with two drop down menus for notifications and settings. This is with the PAC ROM. I don’t see that TouchWiz can compete with those two modes that enables superior screen estate in many apps.

        The S-Pen is another thing: it is again proprietary while Sony offer a digitizer that is flexible and useful with many different input devices. I certainly prefer that implementation rather than having a stylus that is heavily dependent on TouchWiz and the TW framework.

        Then we have the standardization that Samsung fails to manage: There will be at least TWO different CPUs and a couple of carrier editions of the Note III. I am also sceptical when it comes to the radio, i.e. if it will have LTE on both sides of the Atlantic like the Xperia Z Ultra C6833 or C6802. Samsung has a track record of making carrier specific versions of their devices.

        Sony on the other hand offers full ROM compatibility meaning that a C6602, C6603 or C6606 can use the same ROMs. Samsung with their different versions doesn’t and it splits the development scene into many small groups and the annoying fact that a decent ROM for one Samsung version can’t be flashed to another.

        I am planning to get the Xperia Z Ultra – not from a carrier since branding and bloatware is a complete no go. I don’t see anything with the Note III that entices me even if I had the Note N7000 and Note II N7100. I just see a mess with TouchWiz, TW dependent features, problematic AOSP support and therefore compromised ROMs – not optimum for Paranoid Android and a lack of standardization leading to at least SIX versions (Exynos Octa, Snapdragon 800 and then AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon). To make it even better, add a European AND South Korean version with the 800 so it can be like the S 4 with two different 800 editions.;)

        I certainly think that Sony managed to make a better phablet, especially since it offers great ROM support and standardization.

        Samsung has to standardize their devices in order to be a viable alternative – besides removing much of the closed source, proprietary TW bloat.

        • Railwayman

          Samsung can enhance the Note 3 and their other products through the following actions:

          1. Standardize. Use the same CPU in all devices of a specific type. There’s absolutely no reason to use 3(!) different CPUs in the “same” product like with the S 4. The only result is a mess when it comes to maintenance and developer support.
          2. Make ONE main version of the product and alter the radio if needed. The rest should be standardized – i.e. that ROMs works without alternations like with the Sony Xperia Z C6602 and C6603. 8(!) different versions of the S 4 is just too much and create chaos.
          3. No carrier editions with locked bootloaders etc. Just one product – the Samsung edition. Standardize as much as possible. Carriers can sell the device but without alterations.
          4. Release source codes and document different changes that has been made. Cooperate with XDA-Developers and avoid putting a lot of proprietary code in that causes broken features when AOSP ROMs etc are used.
          5. De-bloat TouchWiz and replace it with a version that is close to vanilla Android. Go over the bloatware and slim it down. A lightly skinned vanilla Android with unique Samsung apps is a better solution.

          Those actions would make Samsung interesting again but the S 4 is a huge disappointment with 3(!!) different CPUs in the “same” product and 8(!!!) versions that is ROM incompatible.

          I won’t buy any other Samsung device as long as they continue with those practices.

        • john

          1. I agree, it is royal pain in the ass to mod TW apps for multiple DPIs, but it can be done.

          2. I owned Note 2, and even now with the source code released for most NA variants, the AOSP support for the digitizer is scatchy. I wonder if that’s because the digitizer uses propriety Wacom code, but it is rather annoying. That being said, I have yet to see a more successful AOSP-based-roms that implement radio based pen digitizer.

          Also, I used other pen-enabled devices like htc flyer, both the stock and AOSP based roms, and none of them performed no where as well as Note 2, or even note 1 in that matter. I was also interested in Z Ultra, but again, the digitizer on it is very laggy. Maybe it will improve with updates, but if you are looking to buy a phone for pen digitizers, I wouldn’t bet on it.

          3. Locked boot loaders are annoying, but there are plenty of ways to unlock them.

          4. No source code. I think this is an area of steady improvement for Samsung. You are complaining about GS3 and GS4? Hell, they were horrible with the first Galaxy, which I unfortunately owned. They released the S.Korean variant of GS2 a bit too late, GS4 NA variants got released fairly soon. Man pages and TW APIs…on the other hand…yes NEED BIG IMPROVEMENT.

          5. Bloat wares, annoying but again rather easily fixable. Honestly, if someone could be bothered to flash it with AOSP based rom as they please, I do not see any problem with this.

          6. multiple Socs. I don’t want to discuss this topic too much since I know as much about silicon fabrication and semiconductor business as I know about 3rd year Electrical Engineering. I think Samsung is having a supply problem-obviously since I cannot see any benefit of producing phones with different SoCs. Whether this is something that is fixable I have no idea.

          I think Samsung Execs decided on a best date to release GS4 and estimated demand for it. Would it be better to have supply issues than a multiple versions of a phone? I have no idea.

          That being said, I think the custom ROM community for GS4 is sufficiently large enough to overcome this small problem. Yes, it is quite annoying to go through the list trying to find the phone that is compatible.

          However, if you really are dead set on getting a custom rom:

          1. Don’t buy the phone as soon as it’s out, wait for the source code to be released and the batches of custom roms soon after.
          2. Buy the phone with the model that is supported by the roms.

          If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.

          Maybe other way around.

          • Railwayman

            I always wait for ROMs to appear – in my case, the PAC ROM is a basic requirement nowadays. A device without a stable and reliable release of it is a no go. The Note 3 is off the list so I am not going to get it. The lack of standardization, carrier alterations, TouchWiz etc makes it a no go item for me. I know that some of the problems can be overcome but after owning the Note and Note 2, I am not going for another Samsung as long as they keep doing what they are doing now.

            Samsung devices isn’t optimum for AOSP or CM because of the problems – it is pretty telling that CM is stuck on nightlies in many cases. The loss of features is another major gripe since they are too dependent on the TW framework and proprietary Samsung code.

            I am very much set on the Xperia Z Ultra since I prefer the flexible digitizer over the S-Pen even if the latter is a technically sound solution but it is too proprietary for my taste and the reduced feature set it got with AOSP/CM is a problem.

            Since I just can’t stand TouchWiz at all, I know that another ROM is needed and all problems I see with Samsung devices just makes it obvious that there are better options for what I want and I base it on my two Notes. The chaos with different versions of the device is another reason – I just don’t accept that there are FOUR incompatible versions of the same device in the US PLUS a European version and then a Korean one – all of them requiring different ROMs when Sony offer standardization.

            From what I have seen of the Z Ultra, I can say that it is very attractive to me and will be a wonderful device with PAC ROM. The Note 3 just feels unattractive in all aspects because I just don’t stand what Samsung is doing with their devices.

            Another thing I don’t like with Samsung is their design but that is a matter I won’t discuss further.

            I have the Sony Xperia Z now and it has impressed me by doing everything I want perfectly right. It is also worth to mention that I can use a lot of Sony apps on PAC ROM, it is not like Samsung where even the music player or gallery requires TW framework. Now I can have the power of PAC paired with the power of Sony.

            I have also used Sony Ericsson to and from before and the Z has been really great. Getting the Z Ultra or the Honami is therefore an easy decision.

            The only other devices I feel is interesting is something like the new Oppo Find 7 et al. If I was to select a different product, I would go straight for the Oppo since it is a nice company with a nice device that is standardized and works well with CM.

          • john

            Sorry to drag this on a bit, but I might be able to help you with PAC on Galaxy series, whether that maybe PacMan Rom or Paranoid, AOSP, CyanogenMod individually.

            Both GS4 and GN2 have stable CyanogenMode, PACMAN for GN2, various AOSP as well.

            However, you are correct in saying TW will not play well with custom Roms, by that I mean TW will be shredded to pieces and thrown down the bloatware hell. There are few ways to add TW back to the stock CM, but that kinda defeats the purpose as the most GS4 uses went to CM to ditch the laggy TW.

            The most annoying thing with these phones with digitizers again is the fact that the damn pen digitizers are proprietary, there are few nightlies with very limited S-pen interaction, but that’s about it.

            Atm, I’m also looking to buy a new phone, seeing I gave my htc One to my little brother, GN2 to my dad, and using kindle HD as Voip cell phone. I’ve been looking at MTK chinese phones, and they are looking awesome except for the lack of 4G due to the SoC. My list is Ultra Z, GN3, Oppo 7, and any Chinese phones that will come with Snapdragon 800 that is hopefully cheaper than Oppo- too expensive for my blood, hopefully Meizu, Jiayu, Ocean, etc would make a reasonably priced S800 phone. I really don’t care for manufacture specific ROMs and other features as much as the price itself. Except, if any stylus of the upcoming phones came with supports for any Android DCC apps, I am sold 100%-imagine android based Mudbox/Zbrush with pressure sensitive stylus.

    • Andrew

      Lol so does Motorola And NOKIA

      Uhhh Like Samsung Just Doesnt Want To Go Over The Mega Line

      Wow Like They Should Of Not Made The 6.3 Mega And Gave It To The Note 3

      • jamesinkorea

        The Mega 6.3 didn’t even have a quadcore processor and its display was only 1280×720…..Why would ANYONE pay the ridiculous prices Samsung was demanding for that crappy plastic phone?

        • Milind Sagar Vashist

          damn true man, i’d have surely bought mega 6.3 if it had same features as note 3 will have

    • Babs Oyed

      I couldn’t agree less!

      Most people want a device that’s actually mobile and yet can remain a phone and hopefully at the same time replace a tablet. Having an unwieldy, Godzilla sized device that doesn’t fit into your pocket defeats that purpose.

      • TmoSamsungMan

        Speaking of godzilla. Do you know where I can see the new trailer? lol.

  • Corey De Lee

    5.7 is perfectly fine. Samsung isn’t stupid. Lets us common sense who wants to use a 6+ inch phone. The Note 3 is not too big or too small.

    • spazman20004

      I Agree!

    • jesmeen9

      are you trying to mini job… i hope you need this link .check now .. and more detail go to home tab.

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      Common sense has little to do here. Lol. I agree. With the resolution upgrade, 5.7″ Note 3 will be a monster.

    • Piyush

      the phone is 5.7″ and you are talking about common sense , sheesh.

      • TmoSamsungMan


    • Guido

      I totally agree with you. What they’ve done to the Galaxy Mega is just too much. The Galaxy Note 3 with a 5.7 screen is the best option

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    I wonder…of the people bashing the 5.7″ Note 2 for the screen being too small…how many of them are rocking anything more than 4″ phones screens? What is their point of reference? I keep reading about the 7″ to 8″ tablets being in the “sweet spot” for size and portability, seems a little silly to think 6″+ to truly be the preferred phone size except for a limited few. But, that’s just my .02, flame me if you want, but it really seems to be much about nothing.

    • John

      You don’t make much sense. The Note 2 has a 5.5″ display, not a 5.7″ display. The rumored Note 3 is said to have a 5.7″ display, a fixed .2″ increment increase. It is also highly likely that those who are bashing the Note 2/3 display for being too small also have a device that has a display that is over 4″, otherwise they’d be complaining it’d be too big. Having over 4″ is not hard to come by at all, especially with smartphones coming with displays over 4″ which has now become the standard to do so. Apple is the one making 4″ displays after having 3.5″ displays, changing their one perfect screen size to the “new perfect” screen size. Your argument crumbled over and fell on itself.

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        My bad…”rumored Note 3″

        And, yes it is (rumored) .2″ diagonally larger than the Note 2, (which was .2″ diagonally larger than the Note, pattern?). The new display is also “rumored” to be 1080p which should make a significant difference in the user experience as well.

        iPhone is one of the most popular devices sold in the US, so it is not easily dismissed. Also, not everyone has a newer model phone.

  • Andrew

    Guys Like Whatever Let Sony Eat The King Of Phablets This Year, But I Just Hope The Note 3 Is Superior To The Xperia Z Ultra Cause This Giant Is Gonna Have To Kill That Dragon For The Sake Of Samsung Respect Lol

    We Will Get The King Of Phablets NEXT YEAR!!! :D

  • George Av

    Who gives a shit, if it’s still made of shitty ass plastic – i’ve got nothing todo with it.

    • TmoSamsungMan

      I take it mommy’s gonna get you the iphone 5s “cough, 5, 4s, 4, same shit” as soon as it comes out huh?

      • George Av

        I’ve never had icrap – never will. What i’m saying is that the note 2 is gonna suck for me because of the shitty plastic Samsung will obviously use. TIRED OF THAT SHIT

        • freddieboy

          Poor Baby, u need some cheeze with u’re whine.

    • Hue

      I’m sure you have many things to do with plastic. That bandwagon you jumped in is also made of plastic.

  • jamesinkorea

    I’m done with this cheap POS plastic phone. Its coming out with the SAME BORING DESIGN as the Note 2 / S4! No thanks.

    Cheap-ass Samsung isn’t going to put a flexible display on this thing. I’m going with the 6.5 inch Sony Xperia Z U or the 6″ HTC One Max – both better phones with beautiful designs.

    • TmoSamsungMan

      These 10 year old’s lol.

      • Milind Sagar Vashist

        haha yeah

    • Hue

      Great. I hope you enjoy the Sony or HTC phone. But, what exactly is the point of commenting on an article to bash something and praise another? Just saying, your fanboyism is showing.

    • Ivan Myring

      Since when did those two have flexible displays?
      And do you really think the note 3 will cost more than the ZU.
      The note 2 was £550 at launch in the uk. We can assume that the note 3 will have a similar price (S3-S4, iPhone 4S-5, phones sequels generally don’t go up in price)
      The ZU has been announced to be £610. I don’t think its cheaper than the note.
      At least Samsung throws in some nice features. Better multitasking and a stylus are important. Also, at least the back will be removable (micro SD extended batteries)
      And the ZU, your idea of a perfect phone, has a 3000mah battery, powering a 6.4 inch 1080p display, and a quad core 2.2 GHz processor. Something tells me it wont be enough. And an 8MP Camera with NO FLASH is disgrace full in 2013.

  • TmoSamsungMan

    I just pray to the God’s of technology that they don’t screw us over with that big brother spying snapdragon 800 and give us the Exynos 5 octa like it should be.

  • Gdrcb

    Citation needed

  • eric

    Samsung should build phones with bigger internal storage and make them
    available to everyone. In most places, only 16GB phones are available.
    It seems Samsung never launched 64 GB note 2 or S4. I cannot imagine how
    much internal memory are left over for a ‘standard 16GB’ Note 3 after
    Samsung cut another 1 more GB out of 16GB for Ram. This is a very
    serious issue. No matter how powerful is the phone, if the space is so
    limited, how to use the phone for 2 years? The external SD card only
    plays very limited role. So if Samsung could not offer bigger internal
    memory phones (at least 32GB), I won’t buy! I believe the memory chip is
    quite cheap right now, right? So what is the thinking of Samsung?

    • Massimo L.

      The 64-32Gb Note 2 exists, but it’s only available in Korea, if I remember correctly…

  • young Mob

    Fuck that bigger is always better corey

  • Fase Aarf

    Nobody is mentioning anything about the screen resolution/ screen pixel density.I hope they will keep it above 420 ppi.

  • Samsung has prepared the 3 GB chip itself. Asus is working on a thin tablet 6mm http://www.mobileosworld.com/2013/07/asus-working-on-crazy-thin-6-millimeter.html

  • Jack

    5,7 inch display is much better for the Galaxy Note 3!