5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet coming on August 15, release date not available yet

by: Chris SmithJuly 23, 2012

samsung Galaxy-Note-2-mock-up Mockup by GSMArena

A few days ago, we told you that Samsung sent out press invites to members of the media for a special event scheduled to take place on August 15. At the time, we wondered whether the company would announce the Galaxy Note 2, its second-generation smartphone/tablet during the presser, especially since Samsung was said a few weeks ago to unveil the new phablet on August 30 in Berlin, a day ahead of the start of the German IFA 2012 tech show.

However, an even more distant report suggested that Samsung is interested in launching the Galaxy Note 2 as fast as possible, in order to beat the sixth-generation iPhone to market.

BGR now says that Galaxy Note 2 is going to be unveiled on August 15, according to a “source close to Samsung.” The same source seems to have confirmed that the device will come with a thinner and taller 5.5-inch display, which sounds familiar since it’s a spec we’ve seen in various reports so far.

However, the source did not reveal an actual release date for the device just yet. We’re also curious about Jelly Bean-friendliness for the Galaxy Note 2, not to mention the rest of its specs and features, but we’ll just have to wait and see whether the South Korean company does indeed announce its next-gen phablet in mid-August.

We have already showed you all we think we know about the Galaxy Note 2, and we used that info to offer you a preview comparison between the Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 well ahead of the actual launch of the phablet.

Are you buying a high-end Samsung smartphone this year? Is it the Galaxy S3 or the Note 2?

  • Most likely the Galaxy S3.

  • Johnc

    Looking forward to Note2 coming the soonest. The large screen with s-pen is perfect as phone+tablet combi.

  • I wonder what screen technology they will be using..

    • Oliver Petruzel

      I really hope they use the “Plus” version of their AMOLED.

      • seriously doubt it.. 5.5in is most likely still too small for samoled plus

  • gaara87

    Flexible Screen!! Please! Come on Samsung, i know you can do it! :)

    • David

      I am waiting for the Note 2 but why would you want a flexible screen? I hope it has more power!

      • gaara87

        Because flexible screen phones are awesome. Damage free :) compact. Durable. More natural. And the future:)

  • rick barnett

    This will be the phone that will dwarf all others in the industry if it is made available in the United States to all major carriers,

  • Yea, i think note 2 will be the surprise this year. iam waiting for it to buy very soon

  • Nice phablet

  • riik

    I already bought the s3 and really love it, if the note is better or just as good as the s3 I’ LL buy it

  • Alex

    I can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I will definitely buy it. I’ve been counting down the days. I’ve waited so long for it. Woo too !!! :) :) :) ~Alex

  • Here is what I hope it has
    1280×800 super amoled + OR
    1920×1200 super amoled

    Exynos 5250 w/ mali t604

    2-4GB Ram

    S pen

    Android 4.1 Jellybean w/ onscreen buttons

    8-7mm thickness

    13mp Camera

    4000 mAh battery

    64GB storage+micro sdxc card slot

    4G LTE

    2-5mp front facing camera w/ 1080p recording

    Corning Gorilla Glass

    Sexy Design


    • Mana Farrell

      would be my dream phone right there

    • You were close it seems!

  • Steve

    All I can think is why on earth haven’t we heard anything about the Galaxy Note 10.1? I feel like I’ve been waiting for that tablet for a year now.

  • mdfirdosh92

    i think this new samsung galaxy note 2 will rock.It is expected that it will have 1280 x 780 resolution with HD quality

  • donkey

    The latest I heard is that this one won’t have the flexible screen. You’ll have to wait for Note 3 for that.

  • tingtung

    hope samsung would put s-pen calibration tool there..

  • making the just from the SG-S2 to Note 2 can’t wait.. got to have it..

  • mon

    s3 or note 2 ? which one is better? help meeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Genus Boxx

      Note 2, hands down….Hope you made the right choice, but even if you don’t like or plan to use the S-pen, The G Note 2 has everything the S3 has, plus some.

  • maya maya

    You are all waiting for nothing … this Galaxy N2 is just a fancy and will never come out until DECEMBER 2012.

  • joselyn

    but when will note 2 released date? anyone knows