Video: 5″ and 8″ Android 1.5 tablets by View Quest

by: James TromansOctober 21, 2010
View Quest Tablet via Nick Dillon

View Quest Tablet via Nick Dillon

I have to be honest and say that I do not buy what View Quest are selling, figuratively and literally. According to the company, who are set to release 5″ and 8″ Android 1.5 tablets in time for Christmas, the reason why they opted in for this older version of Android is because it is the “most stable.” Sure, I cannot think of another decent reason why View Quest would use Android 1.5, but still, other builds of Android are stable enough. Perhaps they are sticking to 1.5 because they stumbled across some open source drivers that work with their choice of hardware which aren’t as available for future version. I’m completely speculating here because I don’t know much about writing drivers, but seriously, 1.5 ?

Given that the tablets are not exactly at the highest end of the market, you would expect View Quest to do something special with the OS. Probably not, though. Each tablet provides speakers and a headphone jack, and prices start at £149 ($234) for the 5” with 2GB of memory, and £199 ($313) or £249 ($392) for the 8” with 8GB or 16GB of memory, respectively.

  • Chris

    Why would you use Android 2.1 or 2.2 on a device that doesn’t have multi-touch screen and it’s allowed to bundle the Android Marketplace?

  • As far as I’m aware Android 2.x does support devices that are not using multi-touch screens and can, of course, come with the Android Marketplace. This affords the added benefits of improved copy and paste (very important for a tablet), ability to update multiple apps simultaneously and all the other stock benefits of the latest version of Android. Of course, many apps these days are Android 2x only.

    It’s not a case of why would you use Android 2.1, its why wouldn’t you? Consumers are becoming more educated about Android build versions and I wouldn’t invest in a product that was running an outdated OS. It’s half of the reason many people update their gear at the moment. New hardware, but new software too. It avoids having to wait and wait for an update to roll out to your device.

  • Chris

    As we have seen with the recent problems regarding the Dell Streak and the upgrade to 2.1, there are still a lot of issues with a tablet product running 2.1/2.2. Many people are now downgrading their unit back to 1.6.

    A tablet product that doesn’t include 3G is not allowed to be shipped with the Android Marketplace, therefore the benefits of multiple upgrades etc become less relevant.

  • Chris
  • I don’t understand why the Dell Streak is a ‘special’ case? Aside form the fact it offers a larger screen it is, for all intents and purposes a 3G phone.

    With respect to your comments and to Dell, the fact that they released an update that didn’t support a whole bunch of features is simply because they didn’t test it properly and didn’t write the adjustments to the OS required to support their specific choices of hardware

    The Dell streak is a phone with a large screen. There is no reason why it should have more problems than my Galaxy S upgrade to Froyo. The reason is of course because Dell clearly didn’t do enough testing on their device before they pushed the update.

    Again for me the reason why View Quest don’t release Android 2.2 version is simply because they haven’t got the coders to ensure that it works on their hardware. Same reason Dell messed up.

  • Charles Ray

    I have the View Quest Slate5 and I’m very pleased with it. I know the O.S issues are a concern for some but for that sort of money you get a great devise and great value. People will always find ways round issues and come up with solutions!

    • Amakumbi1

      I have the view quest slate 1.5 version 8″ it doesn’t play youtube videos there is message which says upgrade adope flash player and if i try to download another message comes up that won’t allow me to continue. Is there someone who can help please

  • lewigy

    I have view quest 5,,, although I like it I’m stuck with the apps it comes with…. been on loads of app sites And none of the download links work!!!!!!! I’ve tried searching under cupcake/1.5 only apps I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING. MAY ASWELL OF GOT A PHONE WAP AND WIFI