Even though it’s still one of the most important and popular Android-based smartphone around, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has managed to put technology enthusiasts in America in a total haze due to its limited availability. There is only one 4G LTE version of Google’s flagship device (on Verizon) on the market today, and no GSM/UMTS models officially available in the US.

According to a fresh rumor from Androrev, which supposedly comes from very close to “the inside”, there might finally be a 4G LTE version of the smartphone available on AT&T soon. If this proves to be true, customers craving a Galaxy Nexus will have a pretty wide choice, with Sprint also planning a 4G version release sometime this month. The rumors seems pretty legit – not only do the guys at Androrev are saying that they have gotten word from “a very good source”, but they also claim to know the SIM card SKU numbers of the handhelds currently in testing.

While we surely welcome the news (or rumor, whatever), we can’t help but wonder if it won’t be a bit too late to draw the attention of customers and fans. I mean, like I said, this is still a very popular and cool smartphone, but with HTC One X’s imminent release and with the Galaxy S3 also coming (sort of) soon, I don’t know how many of you will be interested in getting the Nexus these days.

While I am not usually a betting man, in this particular case, I am almost sure that we will be hearing soon from AT&T about an official 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus release. When will this happen is still unclear, but I suppose it will be very close to Sprint’s launch of the 4G Nexus, suspected to take place on April 22.

We should also mention the fact that, according to the same rumor, AT&T is currently testing the GNex with standard-size SIM cards, and not micro-SIM like Verizon’s recent 4G devices, which is a bit strange, if you ask me, but it won’t make very much of a difference for the average customer.

So, how about it, guys? Is it too little too late for the GNex, or is the Galaxy Nexus still on top of your shopping list for the near future? Hit us with your comments and let us know!

  • bill

    Absolutely I want one. I will only get. a pure Google phone


    depends… i think if its going to be successful ATT need to roll out the white version immediately.

  • But i prefer alwayz Nokia…

  • Gearheadx77

    Why does it take so long for carriers to release phones? It’s truly annoying – by the time most devices get to U.S. markets, they’re already outdated, in global terms.

  • Benking

    I am very excited for this news! I am looking forward to coming over to android. The galaxy nexus is the device that I want. I played with a nexus at a Verizon store and loved it! The thing I am most excited about is the explore by touch feature! At&t hurry up and get it soon please.

  • Josh Hambrick

    The galaxy nexus is so much better than the gs3 and the one x. I want this phone for at&t!

  • Funny, I thought I was already on 4G LTE from AT&T but I guess someone fell to the hype. So, I’m on HSPA+ instead? I’ve got a Nexus that one of my clients (I’m a hairdresser) told me about.

    • Karin Bradley

      same here, honey (I do hair in Texas, going between Austin and Dallas). the 4G LTe is authentic often but AT&T has been able to smooth the transition with the HSPA, so it’s not all bad (could be worse).