The Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 (model number GT-I9260) keeps popping up in various leaks that seem to confirm earlier reports that suggested that we’re going to see in stores up to five new Nexus handsets and tablets by the end of the year.

Some of those reports have even mentioned some of these upcoming devices by name – the Galaxy Nexus 2, the LG Optimus Nexus and the Sony Xperia Nexus – not to mention that HTC is also rumored to be working on a 5-inch Nexus phablet of its own.

Today, a report from MovilZona reveals more details about the upcoming LG Nexus device, as received from a “person connected with Vodafone,” if the Google Translate version of the Spanish article is to be believed.

The publication seems to indicate that LG is going to be next in line to produce a Nexus device, despite what current rumors say about this year’s Nexus-branded smartphones.

The LG Nexus handset in question is said to offer a 4.7-inch touchscreen display that will sport the “quality and detail offered by Apple’s Retina Display.”

LG has recently unveiled a new flagship device, the LG Optimus G, a handset that does pack a 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS Plus display with 1280 x 768 resolution. Android and Me wondered a week ago whether the Optimus G will hit U.S. stores as the next Nexus, a question we’re also going to take seriously considering today’s leak.

However, in case these rumors are true, then we’d expect the LG Nexus handset to be a standalone device, even if similar to the Optimus G. That means that the Optimus G and LG (Optimus) Nexus should be two different hendsets in non-U.S. markets as well. After all, Google will probably not let LG sell the same smartphone as the Optimus G in international markets while including it in the Nexus family only in the U.S.

We’ll be back with more details in the near future, as we expect more Nexus-related leaks to hit the web in the coming weeks – after all, we do expect a Google Nexus press event later this year.

  • IF THERE ISNT A SAMSUNG NEXUS PHONE IM NOT BUYING this shit!!!! from anyone apart from sammy

    • Jan Polášek

      Seriously? every company can make better phones than Samsung.

      • MasterMuffin

        Why do you think so, and if it’s so, how can they be the biggest smartphone maker?…

        • Anoop

          Why is Apple so big? iphone 5 is really a good hardware and in the same way other companies are capable of producing good hardware just like samsung. OS will be from Google so no worries on that part.

          • MasterMuffin

            But when he said everycompany can make better smartphones than samsung I highly doubt that …

      • That’s debatable. Although HTC & Sony have made some good hardware at this time, the same can be said for Motorola too.

      • better look and feel maybe but its the way lg and htc put the phones together! even with stock on any the lag like fuuck while the samsung phones don’t!

    • HTC is first in line for me, closely followed by Sony. LG’s hardware without their crappy software may be OK too, but I’d never Samsung!

      • MasterMuffin

        Why? Because of….?

        • daas88


      • have shitty performance in a nice feeling package, anyone with a fucking brain would take optimum performance over hardware that makes your mouth water samsung phones arn’t about hardware they are about performance. Sony hTC LG are about hardware but crappy performance GET IT FUCKING RIGHT

        • You don’t seem to realize all the software issues are basically gone if it’s a Nexus.

        • If you believe so, be happy in your own world.

          • MasterMuffin

            You’re wrong and you should feel wrong, because the software is from google, there is no issue in that part and samsung sometimes makes the chips and also some other parts of lg and htc and sony phones so they can and will make betterphones than lg or sony or htc whentheir new exynos comes and kicks some tegra/qualcomm ass :)

          • I wasn’t speaking of the Google software, but Samsung’s. TouchWiz sucks, as well as Samsung’s built.

          • MasterMuffin

            Yes, touchwiz is slow as f*ck :) but samsung makes great hardware and if google say “you will make a phone that has great build materials”, they will and it will be awesome and all the iSheep will go and buy one x)

    • John

      Guess George av is the samsung version of an Isheep LOL

  • marsbars2006

    This could be just what LG needs to revive itself in the cell phone market.

    • Definetly. If the Padfone 2 doesn’t come out before Q1 2013 is over, I’m definetly getting this (assuming it’s true, of course). LG’s hardware + google’s software. Can it get any better?

      • daas88

        It could get even better if it was as resistant as a Motorola Razr. Enduring water and heavy hits would be pretty badass too.

  • John A

    I am rather excited about this development. I just hope that it has a removable battery. I was so dissapointed that the Optimus G had a non removable one like the One X. I prefer these two phones over the S3, but it has the removable battery. So if one of the new Nexus phones has the specs and the removable battery, I will be happy!

  • I haven not had an LG since before the smart phone erra… my first three phone were LG then I switched to Droid 1 then Thunderbolt… I absolutely would mess with a LG NExus


    Why LG?!? They can’t even deliver updates to their previous flagship Optimus 2x.

    • LG won’t be updating it if it’s a nexus. Google will.

      • Derek

        Tell that to Verizon Galaxy Nexus customers…

        • Gary

          Still updated by Google, Verizon just delayed the update to “test it on their network”

  • John

    LG hardware+google Software=Beastly phone I will be very happy if they do not go with Samsung I can’t stand those garbage screens.

  • D. Malcolm Carson

    Please, bring this phone out! I’m ready for a new phone, but I don’t want a 2011 phone (GNex) and you can basically count on the rest of the Android phones not being updated by the end of your contract. The Optimus G looks great in terms of hardware, and as a Nexus? Perfect.

  • ced

    I just wanna know at what time of the year these devices are gunna be announced. The years closing fast and no real solid dates for an event of such magnitude is scheduled. But the devices from all the companies seem intriguing the most intriguing in my opinion are the xperia nexus and the droid nexus. I’m hoping these devices stray away from the traditional plastic materials and go for something solid and innovating. An xperia device with the transparent and xperia v look would be pretty sweet. As for the droid it will be interesting to see how the 5 inch screen feels in hand.

  • 4D331

    it’s also what HTC could use to get back in the game….