LG smartwatch with 3G connectivity passes through the FCC

by: Robert TriggsSeptember 26, 2014

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Update: It’s likely that the mystery watch is actually the LG Kizon, announced earlier this year. The Kizon is a kids-focused device that can make phone calls, hence the 3G feature.

Original post:

The LG G Watch R, pictured above, is a rather swish looking circular smartwatch, but it might not be the only watch that LG releases in the next few months. A 3G capable LG smartwatch has just been spotted passing through the FCC.

The new LG watch is listed with the model numbers VC100 and VC100P. While sadly the FFC listing does not give too much away about the looks or hardware of new devices, we can see from the documents that the device is CDMA equipped, meaning that it can connect up to 3G networks.

But LG isn’t the first with a network ready watch. Samsung recently unveiled its curved, SIM-equipped Gear S smartwatch with similar 3G capabilities.


Other than that, the body of the watch, that excludes strap lengths, comes in at 57.7 x 35.5 mm. This suggests that the device will be rectangular, more like the original G Watch, rather than circular like the G Watch R. Otherwise we would expect to see measurements given as a diameter. This also makes the LG 3G watch slightly smaller than the Gear S.

The model number hints that this smartwatch could be heading for Verizon’s network in the US, and possibly Sprint as well.

With LG and Samsung both opening the door to more autonomous smartwatches, we might expect other smartwatch players announce plans for similar 3G devices in the near future. Do you think that network connectivity is the feature most needed to make smartwatches take off? Or is this just another gimmick?

  • Alex Vainshtein

    It going to be square with rounded corners

    • Beau Daniel

      Sweet. I suspect that round smartwatches will prove to be a gimmick in the long term. Especially with Apple going for a rounded square, and they are the kings of marketing new devices. I have an LG G watch and I think that a round display would annoy me.

  • Major_Pita

    Too bad most most people don’t even know who Dick Tracy was…

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  • wmsco1

    Depends on data plan or not. ? Bluetooth is fine for me. To me it would be better to attach the watch to the same plan as phone. JMO

  • PoisonApple31

    This is LG’s KizON Kid’s Tracker Smartwatch. Nothing special.

  • Neha Mehra

    i still prefer moto 360 over this one, i am using it and i am simply loving it!

  • Kasi Viswanathan