3DMark hits Android, features cross-platform benchmarking

by: Mike StengerApril 2, 2013


Popular benchmarking program for gaming 3DMark has made its way to Android. It’s available for both smartphones and tablets, and there is cross-platform support. With 3DMark on Android, you’ll be able to compare your scores across devices running Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows RT.

For Android users, there are two new benchmarking tests, Ice Storm and Ice Storm Extreme. Ice Storm is comprised of two graphics tests which stress both the GPU performance and CPU performance of your device. Ice Storm Extreme is only recommended for the latest generation of devices and raises the rendering resolution to 1080p while using higher quality textures and post-processing effects.


AnandTech put the app through its paces and in the first graphics test, the Nexus 4 ranked highest with 50.7 frames per second. In the second graphics test which processes a large amount of pixels per frame, the Nexus 4 was number one yet again with 48.9 frames per second.


The physics tests are designed to stress the CPU and the HTC One came out on top in that category with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 close behind.

You can download 3DMark for free right now from the Google Play Store. Support for iOS and Windows RT is said to be coming soon.

  • Hmmm, Not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus, wont download from the web portal. Yet its OK for my Xoom?

  • David Johnson

    10833 on my n4

  • my god 300mb thats like a game already

  • MasterMuffin

    Yes, more of these cross platform benchmarks!

  • Damn, so that’s just how weak GPU is in my Note 2.. Well I guess you can’t expect too much from a GPU that’s just overclocked from year to another :D

  • In total I got 11,028 on my HTC One.

  • [email protected]

    Active link is ????? Not here