The Oppo Find 5 is one Chinese Android smartphone that we have extensively covered this year, especially in the recent weeks, as we had a chance to offer you an extensive hands-on preview of the device.

And now we have some good news for you for Android smartphone buyers that are interested in getting this particular handset in the following weeks. The company has confirmed via its Facebook page that the Find 5 will be available in a 32GB version, which will cost $569 in the U.S., or $70 more than the 16GB model.

In addition to America, the phone will ship officially to a variety of countries in Q1 2013 including, in spite of what you may have initially heard: Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, Greece, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong.

In fact, it looks like this is only a partial list of markets for the handset, so more countries will get the handset next year. As for the ones above, Engadget tells us that Oppo will try to launch the device “as close to the early January China launch as possible,” although we don’t have any official release dates yet.

Are you buying an Oppo Find 5 next year?

  • TechGuy

    Would be nice if Samsung could actually sell the 32Gb and 64Gb Note II models they announced. I’m still waiting.

    • Filip Justin

      Yeah.. lol.. same here in Romania..

  • LifesGreat

    Find 5 will be available in a 32GB version, which will cost $569 in the U.S., or $70 more than the 16GB model……………?????????

    • Lord

      Means 16GB model is $500.

      • Mark

        Means the 16GB version costs $499 (i don’t quite understand why oppo sell Find 5 nearly the same price as in China)
        FYI,i’m Chinese. a Find 5 costs ¥2998 CNY which equals to $481 USD

  • l3elivE

    Yes, I” be getting the 32 GB, asap here in the US.

  • Aziz Farhi

    Its coming to Algeria as well. there was a press meeting 2 days ago where they announced that they will be entering the Algerian smartphones market starting from 2013

  • MasterMuffin

    Go Finland! :D