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It’s business news time. The Q1 2013 figures for global smartphone sales are in, and there’s an unsurprisingly clear winner. According to data collected by DRAMeXchange, a division of global research firm TrendForce, Samsung has yet again come out on top and has managed to maintain its 30% share of the world wide smartphone market.

Overall the smartphone market saw a 9.4% quarter on quarter growth rate from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013, with total shipments reaching 216.4 million units so far this year. So while Samsung’s market share held steady, that actually equates to roughly a 9% increase in sales volume. Samsung shipped an estimated 65 million units this quarter, which would mean that 3 in every 10 smartphones sold was a Samsung.

The chart below shows the market share of each company in 2012 and the first quarter of 2013.

marketshare Q1 2013

Unsurprisingly Nokia’s market share shrank by another percentage point, continuing the company’s gradual decline. Apple also fared rather poorly, witnessing the largest loss of 3.5% in a growing market, yet another sign that the tech giant is struggle to keep pace with Samsung.

DRAMeXchange places Apple’s worries on its lack of a decent product line-up. We’re still waiting on official details about Apple’s next generation of products, but in the mean time Samsung, HTC, Sony, as well as some of Apple’s other competitors, have all released their own new flagship handsets and even have more announcements scheduled for later in the year. If Apple doesn’t do something to spark consumer interest soon then it risks another dip in its global sales figures.

In fact, virtually every company lost some ground or managed to only hold stable, while the “others” group snatched up 6% increase in its share of the market.

The figures also contain some interesting information about the market in China, where local brands Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE were all expected to show strong numbers. Contrary to those expectations however, Samsung turned out to also be the leading manufacturer in China, with shipments estimated to be somewhere around 11.7 million units.

This clearly came at the expense of China’s domestic brands, which saw a 5-15% decrease in sales in the first quarter. Lenovo in particular saw very disappointing figures; having almost caught up with Samsung by Q2 2012, Lenvovo only managed to shift 7.6 million units in Q1 2013, leaving actual shipments 15% behind the projected figure.

To conclude, Samsung continues to dominate at the expense of other manufacturers. It would probably be fair to say that Samsung’s success stems from its wide range of products which make it competitive in virtually every market, whilst Apple continues to back itself into a corner with a limited range of premium products.

Worryingly for Samsung’s competitors, the launch of the Galaxy S4 hasn’t even been factored in to these figures yet.  With pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 already running out, it wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung pulls out even further ahead by the end of this year.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • grammar_nazi

    Is it just me or is there something really wrong with that title? 3 out of 10 was a Samsung?

    • Abdullah

      nothing wrong, 3 out of 10 was a samsung, not surprising… Samsung is dominating the market bro :D

      • whoknowswhereor

        And for good reasons. They make great phones.

    • th3d

      Why is it so hard for you grammar boys to see how retarded you look when you make posts like that? By the way, what kind of insecure people starts posts with “is it just me or”, like you are already defending yourself against a possible defeat in a grammar discussion, afraid to take a too strong stand in the matter, to soften the fall if you are wrong? Please get a life and try to grow a pair of balls.

      • andy

        Your grammar is improper with the excessive use of commas. To afraid to start a new sentence?

        • melci

          You mean *Too* afraid? :-)

      • grammar_nazi

        So you’re telling me there’s nothing wrong with the phrasing of “3 smartphones was a Samsung”?

  • xperiaZ

    Nokia is down, what a surprise. Its too annoying that Nokia fanboys keep saying WP8 is established as the third ecosystem, why will they not admit that WP has already flopped? Apps that looks like 2007 Symbian apps that only leave more to be desired, slow annoying animations that is made to make it look smooth but all it does is making wp8 ui feel painfully slow, fat phones with small batteries and subpar hardware with low res displays, how can they translate all that into “awesome”?

    Sony is also sadly low, still, but its going the right way. Not enough to be number 3 in smartphones this year, the Xperia L could fail on the small battery, and without L there will be no high volume sales in the asian markets. Xperia Z cannot carry sonys sales alone.

    • M.B

      I think you are confusing Nokia and WP8….HTC also makes WP8 and so does Samsung.

      • xoj_21

        even if u put them all together the sale are poor

  • Sammy


  • Not even a tiny slice of Blackberry pie left.

  • Official sale from Apple =47 mill iphones
    Total sale =216 mill, how did you Guys end up with 15% share, its gloser to 22% ?

  • IonyxIphone 5

    Yeah now lets see who takes all the profits…when you make em cheap an give them away constantly your going to “sell more”. I’m sorry but market share as far as units sold doesnt count for me. A $50 phone is nothing like a $200 phone.

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  • Samsung does have some of the technically superior mobile phones but the plastic — God the plastic is overwhelming. Going with the HTC and hopefully they step up their game on the G5.