16GB Nexus 7 buyers getting $50 refund from Google, certain conditions apply

by: Chris SmithNovember 10, 2012

Just the other day, we told you that Asus is ready to offer €30 vouchers to Nexus 7 buyers that purchased the tablet before October 29. That’s when Google introduced the new 32GB Nexus 7 versions and that’s also when the company announced the new pricing structure of the Nexus 7 tablets.

The 8GB version was discontinued and the 16GB took its place to be sold for $199 a pop. The 32GB models will sell at $249 (Wi-Fi version) and $299 (3G model).

Considering all this, Asus decided to give money back to Nexus 7 buyers. But the refund program is only available in Europe and it only applies to Nexus 7 units purchased either from Asus or Google.

Now we learn that Google is also ready to refund money to Nexus 7 buyers that got one before Nexus 7. By “before,” Google means 15 days of the price reduction on Google Play. So if you purchased one on October 13, well, then you’re out of luck:

Nexus 7 (16GB version only) purchases from Devices on Google Play are currently eligible for Price Protection if the purchase was made on or after October 14, 2012. If your purchase is eligible, we’ll refund the difference in price within 14 days of your request.

As for 8GB models that were purchased in the same period, well, you’re out of luck again.

  • Zabuza

    How do i claim it?

    • Matt

      Yes, how do we request a $50 refund!? I purchase 16GB version back in August.

      • Justin McDermott

        Dude, it’s called reading comprehension.

  • which is better ??

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD
    Asus Google Nexus 7

  • Michael Michaelson

    Pay attention Apple fan boys, THIS is how you take care of your costumers. Sure there are some conditions but I promise you, you will for the most part not have to pay over $200 to compensate for your new lighting port that does nothing. You also won’t buy the latest and greatest and then 7 months later be told that you’re new iToy is now iOLD.

    This is why I love the Android world. They drop the price and Google still feels the need to compensate for the price drop. While Apple will never try to be price competitive and will lock you in a choke hold for a year until you are told to buy a new apple product. When I bought my Nexus 7 they gave me $25 in google play credits and a free movie.

  • I bought my Nexus 7 16 GB tablet at Walmart on Oct. 26 for $249.99
    I guess I am out of luck also. It’s just like every other big company out there, as soon as you buy the new product another better one comes out..