$15 billion fine could be Samsung’s ‘reward’ for European lawsuits against Apple

by: Chris SmithDecember 29, 2012

Samsung and Apple

A few days ago we learned that Samsung has withdrawn its FRAND patent-based cases against Apple in Europe, but also that the European commission will still investigate the company’s use of standard essential 3G patents in such lawsuits against competitors.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has learned that Samsung faces a hefty fine following this investigation, which would be quite a price to pay for attacking Apple in several European markets using such patents.

Apparently the commission can ask Samsung to pay fines up to 10% of the company’s worldwide turnover for 2011. That translates into almost $15 billion, as Samsung’s 2011 revenues amounted to $148.9 billion. That would be a huge blow for the South Korean giant, significantly more important than Apple’s $1.05 billion win from late August, which was recently upheld by a U.S. court.

That doesn’t mean Samsung will necessarily pay a maximum fine, not to mention that we don’t know exactly what the status of the investigation is. But it certainly sounds like a serious thing and it does explain why Samsung decided its best not to follow on its European injunction requests targeting Apple iOS products.

Moreover, we will remind you that Google’s Motorola faces similar fines following a similar approach to suing the competition – in this case both Apple and Microsoft – for infringing its own set of FRAND patents.

We’re already looking forward to see various interesting mobile gadgets next year, but unfortunately the patent wars won’t disappear from our radar. In fact, Android device makers have begun fighting among themselves as well, with Samsung and LG attacking each other’s Android devices via display-related patents.

  • rsanchez1

    Europe is money-hungry right now. If they’re gonna impose a fine, I’d be surprised if they don’t go for the maximum.

    • mohdamr1

      I can’t describe how weird and unnecessary these lawsuits are to me and technology consumes who never benefit from all this, I think you
      have a valid point about Europe and I think the US also has a similar case.

      • John Smith

        All this BS started in the US not Europe

  • These CrApple paid people are everywhere…

  • Note2

    I believe its fair that samsung get some kind of punishment for going bananas with lawsuits over these patents, after all they just did it to try to get back at apple. As much as i dislike apple i am still the first to admit that YES Samsung copied iphone, Apple actually had a case, samsungs revenge was simply an attempt to abuse the legal system in a vendetta against apple. Samsung has now withdrawn all these lawsuits, for obvious reasons, but does that qualify to an amnesty? No, all these companies need to see that making unjust lawsuits will get consequences

    I am a satisfied samsung user, NOW, because samsung have their own design now (S3, Note 2), but i never wanted to touch a samsung during the time of Galaxy S and S2, so shameless copies, if i disliked apple then i also had to dislike apple copies. It was very tasteless how the S and S2 looked.

    • MasterMuffin

      But Samsung made phones that looked like iPhone before iPhone

  • steve blow jobs

    i have asked this to many of my iFag friends and i still haven’t gotten any answers…name 1 thing crapple has invented or is made in the US ? im still waiting for an answer. i break out laughing any time i hear someone say that it is an american phone and that they are an innovating company, what a joke.

    • Rafis

      The most valuable part of the product is made in the US: the design. The SoC design and the iOS design just to name two.

      • flamencoguy

        SoC was designed in the UK. ARM architecture. (Advanced RISC Machines)
        So how much did Samsung copy? The shape? Shapes are hardly an innovation. They were all piddly little items if they were copied. Samsung will get their revenge.
        They are way more innovative and have way more products than the rotten Apple

    • Did Samsung invent anything?

  • Jimmy Le

    Apple never ever made their own products, they just buy their parts from other manufacturers, and assembled in China, not America.