13.3-inch Samsung tablet in the works for next year, report claims

by: Chris SmithNovember 5, 2013

Samsung ATIV Q

In addition to the 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Android tablet that will reportedly enter production by the end of the year, Samsung is said to be also working on a 13.3-inch tablet for 2014.

Details about the device aren’t known at this time, but we’ll remind you that earlier this year, Samsung has unveiled the ATIV Q dual-booting Android/Windows laptop/tablet pictured above, which happened to have a high-resolution 13.3-inch display and high-end specs to go along with it.

The company has quietly canceled this product, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interested in releasing such devices in the future, whether they’ll be dual-booting Android/Windows or not.

The same report goes on to say that Samsung is interested in selling 42 million tablets next year, which certainly is an impressive number and will probably be second only to Apple – in case Samsung will hit its goal.

A different report from the same South Korean publication said the other day that Samsung aims to sell 360 million smartphones next year, with the focus being on low-end and mid-range handsets instead of flagship models, especially thanks to KitKat, an Android OS that’s supposed to run on devices with as little as 512MB of RAM.

Out of that target number, only 126 million will be premium devices – but then again, not many Android device makers can dream up such numbers for their future flagship handsets.

That said, these are only estimates at this point, but we’re certainly going to follow closely Samsung’s mobile performance next year.

As for that 13.3-inch tablet, we’re definitely interested to hear more details about it, especially considering the interest the ATIV Q received in its first months of vaporware life.

  • shar

    they better bring back the Ativ Q, that’s a deal breaker device which will put samsung on a whole new level.

    • I like the concept of ATIV Q. Except the screen size. I want one between 8″ to 10″ that is to me the most mobile windows.

  • MasterMuffin

    With the same 3200×1800 screen as ATIV Q would have had, please? :)

  • wat

    13.3 is the perfect size for a laptop and the perfect size for a drawing tablet. As long as it’s windows, 1080p, wacom and around £600 I would buy it in a heart beat cus Wacom dropped the ball with their shitty tablets.

    • overzeetop

      Almost. 13.3 would be the perfect size *if* it were a 4:3 or 1:1.41 ratio screen, which would match an A4 active area for reading and drawing. As it is, to get the “proper” width, you need closer to a 15″ in that bastard 16:9 format the TV manufacturers forced on computers. I’m no fan of iPads, but it’s one thing that Apple got right (AR), and Panasonic also did a good job of with their massive 4k tablet.

  • John Locke

    I’d like to see them release tablets with the same form factor as the Ativ Q but with different screen sizes and specs and lower price – I doubt the Ativ Q would have been a huge success if they released it because of the high price.

  • Should you call a 13.3 inch screen device a tablet??