128GB iPad 4 officially launched, will we see more 128GB tablets this year?

by: Chris SmithJanuary 29, 2013


Since we’re also keeping an eye on the competition, we’ll tell you that Apple announced a new iPad 4 version today, the 128GB model (Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + Cellular), which is essentially similar to existing fourth-generation iPad tablets when it comes to specs and features, with storage being the only difference.

Obviously, the 128GB iPad 4 Wi-Fi model costs $100 more than the 64GB tablet, or $799, while the 128GB iPad 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular will retail for $929 and both models will hit stores on February 5. There’s nothing unusual about this pricing scheme, which falls in line with what Apple is used to charging for its tablets, and the fact that Apple is quietly announcing a new iPad 4 model should mean that the fifth-generation iOS tablet is only going to be unveiled later this year.

Do regular customers need that much storage on a tablet? Apple doesn’t seem to think so judging from the press release, with the 128GB models specifically targeting businesses that “regularly” use “large amounts of data such as 3D CAD files, X-rays, film edits, music tracks, project blueprints, training videos and service manuals.”

So if Apple is more serious when it comes to pitching iPads to enterprise customers, does that mean we’ll see similar offerings from the competition?


As you already know, Microsoft has its own Windows 8 tablets in stores, the Surface models, which aren’t selling as great as the company would like them to. Of those, there’s a 128GB Surface Pro model available to consumers, but the actual storage that can be used on the model sits at 83GB, which is certainly something business users that utilize “large amounts of data” won’t like.


In the Android universe, most Android tablet makers make sure they include microSD support in their devices, so users can upgrade the available storage by themselves. Furthermore, external hard drives can be connected to Android tablets to offer even more storage space for the same kind of “large data.”

But since Apple and Microsoft are now offering devices that pack from the get-go 128GB of storage, does that mean that Android OEMs will also have such higher-priced models of their upcoming 2013 flagship devices in stores later this year? You know, not to copy Apple and Microsoft, but to have similar offers out there?

Would you buy a tablet that comes with 128GB of storage, or do you prefer to use other means to upgrade the memory? For what it’s worth, the Galaxy Note 2 can offer you up to 128GB of storage as long as you’re ready to buy the 64GB version and an extra 64GB microSD card to go with it.

  • Android aside here, if I was in the market for an iPad or more so a family or friend of mine was. Why would suggest they pay $800 for 128GB when the 16GB for $500 would work fine with either a Kingston 32GB or 64GB Wi-Drive, AirStash or 500GB Seagate Wireless Portable Hard Drive to extend the storage. Streaming video, music and pictures over wifi is cheaper than a bigger storage iPad and your storage would be extended to other iOS device people own..

    In other words, some consumers are going to buy a 128GB iPad no doubt, but for my money no thank you.

  • Bone

    Good. Considering a 64GB chip costs some $12 to companies selling their products up to $800, it’s not unrealistic to ask a 64GB start and have 128GB, 256GB and 512GB versions. Let’s face it: no matter of your music, TV and movie subscriptions, you’ll store photos, videos, music, games, apps, books, shows, documents and other files, and with tablets closing in on laptops that have a terabyte of HDD at the same price, anything below a 100 gigs won’t cut it.

  • Lodovik

    And still, we’re stuck with a palsy 32 GB on the Nexus 10… Wake up Google!

    • Lol you must either be being sarcastic or Just plain stupid.

      Why pay 900+ for this if your not a business and even if you are most businesses run on cloud based severs these days to allow access to all comps, tablets, etc… anywhere. iSheep will jump out and by this and never use all this storage. I would buy a laptop or Laplet for that price. Senselss even if google released this i wouldn’t buy one

      • While I wouldn’t pay an extra $200 in this case to upgrade from 16GB to 128GB iPad, I wouldn’t go with a cloud service neither. Cloud services just use up too much bandwidth which equals more money. The only way I’m putting stuff on a cloud is for backup. For my money, the extra $200 would be better spend to buy an external drive that streams via wifi that I can use on multiple devices.

        That said, when I bought Nexus 7 (16GB) last September if I know that the 32GB was coming out, I would have waited for it because storage is everything and its where you store your apps.especially games.

      • NoOne

        Yeah, then pay $100/1GB download from cloud when you gone over the data limit (in Australia). Not everwhere in the World has unlimited download from Mobile Internet. So $900+ for 128GB is way better than $499 with 32GB + whatever GB that you use a month for your cloud service, who is stupid now?

        FYI: You can hardly find any android tablet or phone with 64GB build in so saying Note 2 64GB + 64GB MicroSD is not realistic.

  • Utterly sensless and wasteful for businesses and tablet enthusiast


    we dont need a android tablet that size you see how apple comes out with ipad left and right smh apple really has lost its touch

  • Timmy

    I want a tablet with at least a terabyte of internal storage because that will make me cool. And it should be expandable so I can throw in another gig or two if I need it.

  • mohdamr1

    I hate tablets with 16 and 32 gb, what am I supposed to put in it, aren’t they media consumption devices ? A laptop with a touch screen is my choice any day over tablets that are still not as advanced and useful. Don’t tell me cloud, I do not have access to a cloud all the time. Check out the Sony laptop with a touch screen and the surface tab pro from Microsoft. I consider the Surface tab pro the best combination of laptops and tablets, even though i do not like some things in windows 8 but it still is good. Now we pay 800 $ for a tablet with 128 gb, two or three years from now we will pay 800 $ for a tablet with 500 gb…….The story of all electronic gadgets to keep you upgrading.

  • balthazar

    I don’t care much of internal storage, 32 64 128 GB tablets only matters for those that didn’t have storage expansion slot.
    internal storage will always inadequate, and always costly, no matter how big it is.

    I always looks for tablet with with microsd slot SDXC support or usb-otg support.
    bad thing with SDXC is their filesystem. exfat is ms properietary. fat32 didn’t support large files. linux/unix fs is free but not common.
    usb-otg sometimes have issue with cable.

    portable nas through wifi also a good solution. you can use included app or CIFS on android to stream movie from nas.
    portable hdd with wifi, battery, and cifs server can bring 1TB storage for your trip. like goflex satellite or patriot gauntlet node casing.

  • Awesome! 128GB iPad will soon make upgrade-crazy even more crazier. Probably because it is way cooler to have internal storage this large or because this upgrade will surely stash quite large too from their savings. Just saying. Would this be the dawn of 128GB tablets? We’ll see.

  • Guest

    Hey guys, what about this tablet, i know it’s not really high-end, but still O.o