So you say you’d like a new HTC but you don’t want to fork over the cash. You also don’t want to have the ball & chain of a lengthy 2 year contract. Well dear consumer, you are in good hands with HTC’s newest invention: a trade-up program which will give you up to $300 for your current device.

The program is called “HTC Trade Up” and the name alone is explicit enough to describe the basic aims. Have a new SGS3 and changed your mind already post-verdict? That’s alright with HTC. You can pick from the newest, the One X series, or hold out for something in the future which is probably going to be incrementally better specs. Have an old HTC clunker  that you want to help catapult you into the modern Android age? HTC approves that also.

In truth, Samsung and Verizon have similar programs designed to keep the latest and greatest in the limelight. But HTC is so confident of its lineup at the moment, it’s kick-started this into being with the chances of success being quite high. If you do participate, please let us know and tell us how much you get for your device!

  • I want to trade my Nokia X6! :D

  • If only we have this in asia.

  • Hikari0307

    HTC was also confident Beats audio would significantly help their sales, we all know that went great…….oh wait…….
    Though the trade value is so low~~ nothing some mobile phone shops haven’t done for a long time but great effort from HTC to streamline this stuff and sell their phones at the same time. =)