$103 Beidou Chi with 5-inch screen coming December 4

by: Andi SykesDecember 1, 2012

beidou chi 5 inch android phone china

Chinese E-commerce group Beidou has really taken the phone market by storm. The company launched its first phone earlier this year, the Beidou Little Pepper, and recently teamed up with ZTE to launch a quad-core Tegra 3 phone for just $128!

Now that it has the market’s attention, Beidou is readying a low-cost 5-inch phone called the Beidou Chi. The Chi will be Beidou’s first 5-inch phone and faces tough competition from similar models in China, but at just 799 Yuan ($103) the Chi is likely to be a sell out hit!

While the design, size and price of the Chi all look great, this won’t be a high performance device as it features just 512MB RAM and Mediatek’s dual-core MT6577 CPU. The rest of the specification is solid, if not show-stopping, and includes a 8-megapixel camera, Android 4.0 ICS, 2000mAh battery and a 854 x 480 resolution screen.

Sources close to the company suggest only 100,000 units will be available in the initial release phase, which begins on December 4th, and that only customers in China will be able to purchase the bargain phone.

  • Kurt Andersen

    This is so cool!

  • vikas

    here in india micromax rebrand the same phone and sell it for 200$….and i have used it…the phone is not at all smooth, it lags and their are lots of bugs.

    • abir

      I dont know about the phone you used, but I have used quite a few Micromax a110’s and they work fine granted its no speed demon but its a perfectly good phone and performance is much better than phones with qualcomm MSM7227A based phones such as samsung s duos and all internet reviews of the phone would also say the same

  • Jason

    I wouldn’t buy a phone from a chinese company at any cost even if it was a top phone

    • MasterMuffin

      some of them are good, and think about this: Samsung is korean, HTC is taiwan, Sony is japanese and even apple (though it’s american) gets most/all of its parts from China/Asia so there can be good stuff in China because it seems that other Asian countries can do it so whu not China? :)

      • Kayleigh

        Because he’s been brainwashed by thinking every Chinese phone is a KIRF from those Engadget tossers and doesn’t even know outside his inbred thinking that the country’s mobile tech is quite innovative and is making and designing it’s own brands which are solid, not clones and proven to be just as reliable with updates as the more established brands. To him, Chinese = evil. In that case we should also boycott Japanese goods for refusing to apologise for the Nanjing Massacre and other atrocities across China and Asia and our own government which has caused more suffering behind closed doors for the good part of the last half century.

        • That’s a pretty huge assumption you’re making about this user.

          • Elliot

            Isn’t the original poster full of assumptions himself though? Just because it’s from a particular place why should it be any different than Taiwan or India?

      • Because he has no idea that Samsung the largest Android phone maker also has lots of factories in China

  • $103? Wow, probably full of compromises. Even though it’s made in China, there’s a certain base cost all manufacturers have to meet to make a competitive world phone. This, falls way short. The Nexus 4 is subsidized heavily at $300, case in point.

    • You would be surprised just how little it costs to male a decent phone. Plus, the Nexus 4 isn’t subsidized, just sold under low profit margins.

      • Hardware for Nexus 4 was way more than $100.

        • MasterMuffin

          it’s not around $300. Even iPhone isn’t more than about 200-250$ -.-

          • IPhone – $250, Nexus 4 is newer so you just proved my own point…. what, you think iPhone is better than the Nexus 4? It’s not!

          • MasterMuffin

            IT’S NOT! I just said so just to show how overpriced apple products are :)

          • Manufacturers get things at very low cost, they can even sell devices like Nexus 4 at $200 but they want more profit

        • abir

          Stop talking like a retard, even the Iphone 5 costs Apple only 200$ just google

          • I’ll excuse your ignorance this time. The iPhone 5 uses crappier tech. Nexus 4 is $300 in hardware,that’s a fact. Not some made up statement.

    • mark

      You know how much it costs to produce a nexus 4? about 100$. These Chinese phones contain the same hardware as the smartphones from the “known brands” but without being overpriced. The quad-core beidou actually has an nvidia cpu & gpu.

  • mark

    Right now the Beidou Little Pepper with a dual 1 ghz processor, 4″ @ 800×480 res, 5MP camera and android 4.0 costs as little as 62 usd. I just bought one for my girlfriend.

    • Jos

      Where did you find it for 62 usd? I want to buy the little pepper but i cannot find a good price

  • abir

    This phone has been available in India for a month or so now under the nameMicromax A110 Canvas 2 and is pretty descent buy, anyone that wants to check out the phone can just go to youtube, quite a few reviews there