100GB SurDoc cloud storage available for free, SSL encryption and Android support included

by: Chris SmithDecember 21, 2013

Android users looking for more cloud storage options should check out SurDoc’s plans that offer 100GB of free storage complete with Android support and “military-grade SSL security encryption.”

There are plenty of cloud backup services out there, some more popular than the others, but SurDoc’s plans are certainly interesting. Even though the company has been around the block for quite some time, Android users may not be familiar with it.

Addictive Tips reminds us that SurDoc currently has three plans for users, that go from 100GB to unlimited storage, depending on what you’re willing to pay for them. The Free plan will get you 100GB of storage, but some limitations will be in place like the fact that you’ll be able to view and annotate only 30 docs per month.

The $2.50 per month 100GB plan does away with some of the restrictions, and your document support goes up to 300 docs per month. Finally, there’s the $8.33 per month plan that gets you unlimited storage and removes all other feature restrictions.


Interestingly, SurDoc says that your data in the cloud is protected by prying eyes (see promo video above), and that nobody will access it – here’s what the company writes in its FAQ list:

[… ] files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, the US Federal Government gold standard for file encryption. All data is stored encrypted – neither SurDoc‘s staff nor anyone else can view your private files.

The Android SurDoc application is available as a free download from the Google Play Store, requires 4.7MB of storage and Android 2.2 or later to run. The company also has PC and Mac apps in order for users to manage and backup their documents, as well as an web interface to further access their accounts from other devices.

  • Carl Draper

    What the hell are “special files” eh? 10MB is a pitiful file size limit!

    • Marcelo Lazzaro

      In the “view plans” page you find the descriptions below:

      * Documents are files that you can print or play, such as MS Office files, PDFs, web pages, text files, photos, music files and video files. SurDoc is primarily designed to host your documents. You can upload these kinds of files to your SurDoc account without any restrictions except for the total storage allotment.

      ** Special files are files that you can neither print nor play, including but not limited to executable files, database dumps and ZIP files.

      • Carl Draper

        So, no good for backing up large APKs, ISOs, etc

        • Rob Fetterhoff

          Just zip and split them into smaller pieces. Combine them back when you need them.

          • Carl Draper

            Meh I think I’ll stick with Copy, at least then i can get a Linux desktop app too.

    • mrjayviper

      depends on your needs. most people’s document are within 10MB.

  • Jeremy Gawenda

    From the surdoc website, “Special files” include files like executable binaries, database dumps, etc. (These ‘special file’ limits do not affect the vast majority of consumer users.) Purchase additional 100GB plans for more ‘special file’ storage.

  • Nasim HC

    Looks like the only limitation is special file’s size. Though I like to backup rar and zip files, still gonna give it a try. For pictures we have a massive storage of 1TB offered by flickr.

  • izzuanuddin
  • Ruz

    Problems associated with cloud storage are:
    1. Uptime

    2. Life of the company running. Whats the use of it if they wind up their business after 5, 10 or 20 years? All data lost or run to disasters

    3. Encryption and data security, ur confidential data might be at risk to get stolen
    4. Cost. If cost are higher then data centers cant get enough customers and as a result they cant survive longer and windup their business
    5. Support for all platforms with apps and web interface

    • MasterMuffin

      I use Younited which offers “only” 10GB for free and they’re also fully encrypted and servers are only located in Finland for maximum security (so that their servers can’t be physically accessed by anyone). It doesn’t have any of those problems, because Younited is F-Secure’s service (most highly rated anti-virus http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/home-user/windows-7/julaug-2013/ ) and that company won’t go down for a long time. They have also apps for Android and iOs (and probably WP too, I haven’t tested) and software for Windows (don’t know if for Linux or OSX) and a web interface.

      • APai

        I just hope they don’t use *RSA* encryption anywhere :P

    • metermaid9876

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  • steelew

    The reviews on google play say it is only for 1 year then you have to pay

    • mrjayviper

      on the plans page, it clearly says it is only for 1 year but you have the option to renew for free.

  • Siniša Stanković

    It is useless for serious work. After I read all little bit better 10 MB seems a bit ridiculous. Completely useless service for most users who already have a Google Drive.

  • sammidam


  • APai

    “protected by prying eyes”
    If they are based in US, they probably mean china :)

  • Albin

    The file size limit is a joke. While I have free 25gb on MS Skydrive its upload limit kept me off until the “app” finally overcame it.

    I do like that this service seems to be fully functional via browser instead of another nuisance app. Dropbox took itself off my older phone doubling its app size a few weeks ago and I’m using the small and efficient Skydrive app exclusively. Unfortunately Skydrive doesn’t work on my one XP box and Linux Mint dual boots where this apparently would.

    I’d echo some other comments worrying about the life expectancy of these little companies and whether to trust their security claims in an uncertain future. I’m using BoxCryptor with Skydrive to personally control encryption for anything important.

  • jt

    WUALA.COM is the same and no restriction

  • smyd
  • systemupdate

    I am just gonna wait for Google to increase it from 25gb to whatever they decide! There is no company more trustworthy than Google :)

  • Amar

    I got 50 gb of cloud storage for free from mega for my android phone.You need to install the mega’s android app for this.For more info read this http://www.superpctricks.com/2014/02/50GB-free-cloud-space-for-android.html

  • Dzulkifly Yusof

    SurDoc didnt tell you that 100Gb is not FREE storage only about 10Gb is free the other 90Gb is only for documents. My upload of 8Gb took nearly 3 days to complete (and is still running now after 4 days)


    The 100GB free cloud storage is available with just a single signup. Visit here – http://goo.gl/x92oiN to avail the service.