After Google has approved the Oppo N1 as the first officially-running CyanogenMod handset out there, the Cyanogen Inc has other reasons to be happy about.

According to its the company estimates, which keeps tracks of how many users install its CyanogenMod versions, there are over 10 million users currently running a CyanogenMod custom ROM version on their devices, another important milestone for a growing Android enthusiast community. In addition to Steve Kondik confirmation via a G00gle+ short post, the 10 million user mark can also be spotted on the company’s CyanogenMod statistics website.


That’s not only the only good news from Cyanogen, as the company has launched its own CyanogenMod YouTube channel, with the first video (see it above) presenting the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition that will be launched on December 24 – just in time for Christmas (sort of). While you’re subscribing to the CyanogenMod channel, which will probably host more content in the coming months, make sure you also check out Android Authority’s channel, which will bring you fresh content every day.

Since it’s coming out in a few days, are you buying the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod edition?

  • MasterMuffin

    That’s almost 2 times the number of people in my country! :)

    • Arturo Raygoza

      whatsbthe benefit of cyanogen over 4.4.2? to the average user?

      • MasterMuffin

        If you like stock or you don’t have latest Android version, it’s great.

        • Arturo Raygoza

          so since I have the N5 4.4.2 cyanogen isn’t necessary?

  • Brian

    I’m not really liking the stock experience on 4.4.2. I like cyanogen. 11 because I can change things around, adjust little things, remove or add others. I feel the 4.4.2 I have on my nexus 7 is more limited than my S3 running CM 11. I even get mad about little things like adding a percentage to my battery icon in the status bar. I know I can do the terminal editing and it will show but CM 11 gives me that option in the settings with a radio button.

    I like 4.4.2 on my S3, not enthusiastic about it on my nexus. I don’t think I will get another Nexus device because of the way stock 4.4.2 is. I know, I can install CM on them but why? I want stock android. Why do I need to install a third party stock android to get what I want?

    • Another great thing about the Nexus line is that, at least from what I have seen, they are less expensive than other phones. At the time I bought my Nexus 4 for $350, I could also have bought a Samsung for… $700. Or got stuck in a crappy contract to subsidize it :-

      Don’t know if the market still looks like that, though.