10-inch Toshiba Thrive gets OTA Android 4.0 update, 7-incher still waiting

by: AdrianAugust 7, 2012
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Now that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been launched, it surely is nice to see more and more tech manufacturers rolling out… ICS updates to their gadgets. Wait, what?

Yes, guys, I’m afraid that, as much as we’d like to see JB upgrades flowing in, there are still a whole lot of devices which have been left out of the Android 4.0 mix and they absolutely have to get that software leap before moving forward.

The latest such gadget, which was supposed to get the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment months ago, is Toshiba’s 10-inch Thrive tablet. The tab is currently being upgraded to ICS over-the-air, according to official statements on Toshiba’s forums, which should be great news for anyone that has been patient until now and has held on to the 10-incher.

While the update has come much later than Toshiba initially anticipated, we have to give credit where credit is due. The Thrive makers announced back in June that the tab was then planned to step it up “sometime in the fall”, and it’s surely nice to welcome the upgrade much earlier than that.

Unfortunately, the Thrive’s 7-inch “sibling” is still stuck on Honeycomb and might have to wait at least a few more weeks before getting the ICS treatment. There’s no official word as to when to expect the update to start rolling out to the 7-incher, however, so it might happen tomorrow, or, God forbid, it might never happen.

Getting back to the 10-incher’s update, it should have been made available worldwide and you should have already gotten an automatic prompt message to download and install the new and exciting software package. If for some reason you haven’t gotten the prompt just yet, you might want to reboot your tablet a couple times, check for a better Internet connection, or locate the “Service Station” icon in your “apps” menu and manually check for updates.

Aside from the usual UI tweaks, improvements and added features of any ICS update, the Thrive’s new OS should bring to the table “improved video and audio performance”, “improved camera functions” and “improved signal strength and connectivity”, according to the changelog’s highlightsposted on Toshiba’s forum. That sounds a bit too generic for us, so if you’ve gotten the OTA update, please let us know of the specific changes and improvements you’ve noticed on your Thrive.

As you might imagine, it’s way too early to talk about a possible Jelly Bean update for Toshiba’s Thrive, but it surely isn’t too early to start hoping. Do you guys think the tab will ever be getting the leap to Android 4.1? Or is ICS enough for a one-year-old gadget with Thrive’s spec sheet?


  • BSoM

    I downloaded and installed and it works 1000 times better than HC; this update is the best thing to happen to the Thrive; it’s faster, smoother, no more lag and the WiFi is performing better than before; it’s great we can now move apps over to the larger partition because you only get about 2.5 to 3 GBs worth of space for app installs, which was bad since i had so many apps i hit the ceiling early and had to decide which apps i needed to keep or discard, which i don’t have to do with my Galaxy Nexus phone with ICS.

    I did do a factory reset after ICS update so i’m reinstalling all my apps for a fresh start. I can’t say how happy i am for this update that now puts the performance where it should be for this amazing tablet, plus it will be great to have that smooth performance for school.

    I hate to say it, but when are we getting Jelly Bean! This tablet has staying power and i hope they don’t abandon it with ICS.

  • Sivan

    Download time was huge. Left it overnight for download and started the install in the morning. After that it was pretty smooth. I definitely see an improvement in the video (qualitatively, it seems sharper – I just am not able to describe it in any other way). Other than that, I am yet to see a big difference. This is probably because I was not getting any nagging problems even with 3.2 version.

  • gamache

    this update sucks …. better performance my @$$ … and better look … huh ? give me a way to uninstall it and go back to my original thrive please

    • colleen

      i agree. it keeps freezing & crashing.

  • JankinThrive

    Man, toshiba has lifted our hope for this device, 4.1 needs to be part of the thrive soon and hopefully not abandened. ICS on the Thrive is a nice touch, but Jelly bean has arrived on the Xoom, so why not have it for the Thrive? Am I right on this. Toshiba please dont forget us again!

  • Brenda Aguirre

    I love it, I’ve had no problems at all… its
    Like falling in love with my thrive all over again, I love how crisp the video it’s no iPad but is absolutely lovely I watch a lot of movies and now I have no distort images of any kind. Just perfect…

  • rpemmick

    Updated the thrive to 4.0 and now it is slower than ever slower internet ,slower typing, , not responding for seconds after pushing on screen , internet just turns off and goes to thrive home page by itself in the middle of websites it says web page not displayed

  • This update has been a huge useless let down. Since my upgrade the internet is slower than ever and the audio still sucks in my opinion. I am now contimplating selling my once loved Thrive to spare myself any further stress..good luck !!

  • dabpowers

    I agree the 4.0 update is the pits! My tablet is worse, it was quicker and responded better before the update. I hate it. I cannot get support from Toshiba because it says my support has expired. I’ve only had it for 8 months. Very frustrated with the new update. Don’t know what to do now!!!

  • Disappointed

    ICS has basically killed my Thrive. How can I go back to HC?

  • Ash

    At least you’ve got it. I’ve got no update showing. I’m in the UK. Are we being ignored here?

  • Mike Costa

    I absolutely regret this update. My Thrive is behaving erratically and crashes all the time. While on Honeycomb, I had no such problems. There is even an annoying log when trying to type into the Google search bar on the native web browser. I will be backing up all my files and performing a factory reset. So dissapointed.

  • hr

    I like my tablet, then added the new down load now I’m ready to throw I it out is there hope for my new piece a crap

  • TheBoojMan

    Thanks Toshiba for the upgrade, however, I agree with some of the comments. ICS definitely has a few bugs. Google Earth now does weird things, Swype does not work (I had to download a separate app). I’ll keep playing and see what else is not right.

  • the_Zd

    im from austria and i cant get any update yet. sSomeone knows why?

  • Jitterbug

    Just an update – Australia hasn’t had full rollout of ICS. My AT100 is still on Honeycomb with no ICS in sight. Recently assisted someone in upgrading their 7in to ICS. If there are no updates soon, I wont be buying any more Toshiba (this includes that ultrabook I’m trying to decide on – might get the Samsung instead).

  • DM

    My daughter has no problem with her Thrive, of course it is already on ICS 4.0.4
    She tends to break all electronic devices, or just bad luck. The Thrive (Tank of Tablets) is still clicking perfectly after more than a year.

    Toshiba is still selling the line of Toshiba Thrives, unless they want to give them away they need to continue to support them. The Excite LE is just a thinner Thrive, basically same specs, however the Excite (could confuse some) is the fastest Tegra 3. I see people crying around, but Honeycomb was updated to 3.2 almost immediately and then they gave you 4 amd now up to 4.04. I think they will at least go to 4.1 on the Thrive.