1 Samsung Galaxy S II Sold Every 1.5 Seconds; 3 Million Sold in 55 Days

by: Elmer MontejoJuly 4, 2011

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II, is selling like hotcakes–and at a rate of 1 unit for every 1.5 seconds. Samsung Electronics revealed yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S II has reached accumulated sales of 3 million worldwide within the 55-day period after the device was initially released.

The sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II actually broke the record of Samsung’s earlier best-seller, the Samsung Galaxy S, which reached the same number of accumulated sales worldwide within 85 days after initial release. The Galaxy S II simply outran the Galaxy S by 30 days, officially making the Galaxy S II the fastest-selling smartphone in Samsung’s history.

Much of the volume can be attributed to Samsung’s greater market share in Europe, particularly in the U.K., Austria, and Switzerland. The sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S II are expected to rise further after Samsung launched the smartphone in Mexico and Brazil.

The Samsung Galaxy S II, which Android Authority helmsman Darcy Alexander described earlier as “the Android Phone That Gives Steve Jobs Nightmares,” has not yet reached U.S. shores, much to the grave disappointment of many Americans eagerly waiting for it.

The good news, though, is that the Samsung Galaxy S II is due to arrive in the U.S. some time this month and will carry different rebranded names for various carriers: as the Samsung Function (on Verizon), the Samsung Attain (on AT&T), and the Samsung Within (on Sprint). T-Mobile is also rumored to come up with its own rebrand, although the carrier has given no official pronouncements about it yet.

We can expect sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II to rise when it finally hits the shelves of U.S. stores. Are you going to line up for this best-selling smartphone?

  • Waiting … waiting … patiently waiting!

    Our phone is dead and we decided to upgrade. I fell in love with the Samsung Infuse until I started reading the reviews on the Samsung Galaxy 2. Since it is due to hit the US market this month, I figured we’d just wait a few more weeks as we still have a landline and we’re not out-and-about much right now!

    Keep checking for updates several times a day … LOL!

    Thanks Android Authority! Can’t wait to play …

  • Steve

    I have this phone and love it. Super fast!